Montaigne flipped the vocals, Galoo Game lady flipped the animation and I sat back and did a very creepy buttons voice

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  1. tom cardy says:

    New full song in a few days too. It’s about space and it’s cool because space is cool!

  2. Moonshreds says:

    this is ICONIC. I love how despite the reversed roles, you can tell that the characters are still the same. She looks considerably less freaked out than he was when their roles were reversed, because she’s still psycho and he’s still just weird. You can even see her smile at the end because her date IS a freak; they both are.

    • Arabella Ritter says:

      I would say she is more confused and concerned and questioning wth is going on and freaked out by the waitresses lol but yea.

    • DV says:

      It kinda explains it in his other video “Mixed Messages” its a good video that they made

    • Beanie Boo Kaleidoscope says:

      Honestly I feel her I’m that one crazy friend that just spends almost every second doing something weird, and if I met someone just as nuts as I am I’d be over the moon

    • Ligondese Nuts says:

      I think in this version she’s crazy but the dude is just fucking insane

  3. The Chonk Protector says:

    Love how in the original, the waiters act very normal, then in here, the waitresses just rise from the floors like they are her personal assistants lmfao

  4. alex says:

    I absolutly love the detail of the swap color change on their outfit compared to the original representing their role swap in here.

  5. cuptoast says:

    her voice is so lovely and beautiful 😭 i love how disorted the singing gets when the guy starts singing its so funny and really fits the drawing made for it

  6. Haven Kain says:

    I honestly just love the singing style of red flags and just having more is everything I want, I would honestly be SO down for a reserve version of this song, like “Redder flags” or something idk

  7. Ruby Bates says:

    This is so beautiful I love it.
    The fact that while she seemed genuinely menacing he just seems freaky really just fits their charactors

  8. LizzShana says:

    Loved that Galoo made the waitress have clones because of the reverb Montaigne put; everyone’s voices fit the characters sooo much.

  9. Cali Sheason says:

    I can’t be the only person who wants a full version of this… Right? Am I just weird?

  10. juno says:

    I love how Montaigne’s delivery is “vaguely serial killer” while Tom’s is “trans dimensional nightmare monster”

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