Lyon vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 09/03/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

Lyon vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 09/03/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

Luis Enrique’s PSG thrashed Lyon in their stadium with an outstanding performance from Kylian Mbappé and Marco Asencio.

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40 Responses

  1. Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

    Ugarte is what PSG have missed for the last 6 years. A brave midfielder giving his all! Involved in 3 of the four goals today. Amazing player! 🔥🔥🔥

    • MbappeEDITS says:

      Joseph back again

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      @MbappeEDITSYessir thoughts on todays game? Vitinha Mbappe and Ugarte were fire. Marquinhos amazing as well. Honestly everyone was great.

    • MbappeEDITS says:

      @Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴I think it was a 9/10 game for us becuase we did concede a lot of shots and a goal but at the end of the day we got an amazing game exited for the UCL ❤ ❤❤

    • crashbandikewt says:

      such a good signing from PSG, i hope that he’ll succeed with this new promising psg team

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      @MbappeEDITSYeah we conceded too many shots for my liking that needs to be improved, we slept too much at times when we were comfortable and Lucho and Vitinha pointed that out in their interviews.

  2. Manpro107 says:

    PSG’s attack is stacked this season. They have rapid wingers like Dembele and Mbappe, they have creative players like Barcola and Asensio, and fast/clinical strikers like Kolo Muani and Goncalo Ramos. I’d say its better than the last two seasons

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      Thanks bro. Good luck to Barca too this szn. Shame the relationship between both clubs has strained. Hopefully one day we can resolve it coz I respect Barca history. Hope you guys can return to your traditional values and come back, it will make UCL more exciting!

    • Manpro107 says:

      @Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 The truth is I’ve always wanted for PSG to do well with Messi and Neymar, but their club’s board and management has made me hate PSG and its fans. I respect fans like you though. I hope the team does well as I currently like the players in PSG.

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      @Manpro107I understand if you don’t like PSG, I sometimes find it hard to like Barca, especially with how their fans always categorize all of us as bad people when many PSG fans like myself supported Messi. Nonetheless I appreciate genuine fans like you and hope Barca can get more fans and board members like you. Coz a team like Barca deserved to be represented by good and proper people.

    • Manpro107 says:

      @Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 yeah. it’s quite sad that all top teams have toxic fans. It creates an endless cycle of hate between fans towards each other, and it creates bias.

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      @Manpro107so true I remember the times when football fans could respect eachother

  3. Salman Haider says:

    Dembele was electric today. He just needs to keep this up and hopefully he does not get injured. Him and Mbappe are absolutely terrifying on the wings.

  4. Julius Tjamak says:

    Good impresive win by PSG, I was just impressed both half. PSG controlled the game very well, won the midfield battle and destroyed, tear Lyon apart. man, Ugarte is so good, such a good holding midfielder, he is a destroyer, his high pressing to get the ball away from his opponents, he is just amazing. emery and vitinha played well but when they are in the final 3rd, they have to look up and pass the ball, make the right decision. Offensively mbappe, dembele and asensio did the job, fast offensive counter attack transition killed Lyon. defensively, donnaruma made some saves, a little bit more work should be done but man this PSG team with 2 superstars less is way better than the last 4 to 5 years.

  5. esther kisob says:

    This PSG team is up to something this season. Playing as a team finally. The players seem to blend very well with the coach. Hopefully good chemistry and it will make a difference.

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      Hope so but consistency is key.

    • B Jvu says:

      Playing as a team? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 PSG always look good against the useless below average french teams but when they play any team outside france it comes back down to their individual talent to win games and thus they will never win the CL

    • sergio harder says:

      I agree. Real potential you don’t see the crumbling nature of this team.
      My only worry?
      Weren’t they under Galtier last season also this unstoppable, especially MNM,
      but after the World Cup they became nothing?

    • El Buki says:

      The people replying are right, even with shitty messi Neymar mbappe they looked good against ligue 1 teams

    • Shelley Zimmerman says:

      @sergio harder I agree that after the World Cup it affected their style of playing. It was like something was off. Before the World Cup, they was doing great 👍🏾!!! AND NO it have NOTHING to due w/ Messi and the Argentinian team winning.

  6. Jake Ortiz says:

    Luis Enrique is exactly what PSG needed. As a Barca fan I was sad to see dembele leave but I’m excited for him as a player to learn under Lucho

  7. Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

    As a PSG fan I don’t think we will win UCL this season, but I’m happy with the performances. Hope we can continue to move positively and abandon superstar culture, even if it means having to sell or let go of Mbappe.

  8. Ayo Oladunjoye says:

    psg with a good coach actually looks scary i feel like enrique can surpass what tuchel did in psg by winning the champions league just like with barce

    • GoldenClovds says:

      Dembele gotta stop flopping though , he missed an open goal this match & hit cross bar last match he needs to improve on finishing which was what xavi was helping him with before he left

  9. Ilyass says:

    I have a feeling this PSG squad is going to impress this season

    • Joseph Antony #Allez Paris 🔵🔴 says:

      Hopefully been a fan for 7 years always been on hope mode every season. I want a stable team more than a UCL

    • HealthyFax says:

      Oil money coming thru, yea let me sell Veratti to myself 😂🤡

    • Childrenofshanghai says:

      @HealthyFax oil money (France AND England), mafia money (italy), king s money (spain), Russian oligarch money (England), Slavery money from Asia (Spain, Italy). Money has no smell man, as long as the team is playing beautiful football!

  10. Erik Collantes says:

    Mbappe is the best player in the world rn no one is in his league

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