Repaint! Uvie the Dark Rainbow Doll🖤🌈 Custom Made Monster High Doll

Repaint! Uvie the Dark Rainbow Doll🖤🌈 Custom Made Monster High Doll

“I don’t need instructions. I’ve done this before!” She said arrogantly.
Get the pattern for Uvie’s entire outfit here:
(please note this new pattern will fit Gen 3 Monster High dolls the best)
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Monster High Doll “Cleo De Nile” (Generation 3)
iDye Poly by Jacquard (works great if used correctly, haha)
Nylon doll hair from
Nylon doll hair from
Rooting tool and needles (drill chuck + needle with its eye cut at an angle)
Acrylic paint
Matte Varnish – Holbein
Water colored Pencils -Faber Castell
Air Dry Clay -Premier
Apoxy Sculpt
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask – Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
Musical tracks & SFX from Artlist
Cosmonkey – Feel the Night
Aves – Fried Eggs
Alex MakeMusic – Come Right Now
Alon Peretz – My Friend Frida
Daniel Brown – Distance
Sarah Kang – Cozy (Instrumental Version)
Daniel Brown – Dreams
I AM A DUO – Smile aka Chillie Willie
Olmi – Mangrove
Egozi – Jell-o (Instrumental Version)
Isaac DaBom – Crosswalk Bounce
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#rainbowdoll #customdoll #monsterhigh

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22 Responses

  1. Red Scrunchie says:

    It feels subway surfer, glow in the dark, skater kid and I’m LIVING for it!!!

  2. Elizabeth Towndrow says:

    The airbrush montage is so sweet. I love how polite Mr Dollightful is despite being frustrated.

  3. cringe but free says:

    As much as a struggle as this doll seems to have been for Katherine, the end result is STUNNING. Possibly my favorite doll yet, ngl. They look so so cool and the concept art is amazing and the effect the blacks/blues + neons give is soooo beautiful. Very inspiring doll!!

  4. ZestyKitty says:

    Given how much Katherine loves colors, I would be absolutely enamored if she made a black and white / greyscale doll!! 🖤🤍

  5. Kaynarama says:

    I’m genuinely of the belief that Uvie and Ruby are upperclassmen and Tokki is their adopted freshman friend. It’s the vibe from the group and I adore it! Despite Uvie’s complications they turned out to be such a wonderful doll!

  6. Ki Muirés says:

    I’ve not finished the video but just from the thumbnail I can tell that this one will be my favorite from the lineup. The “dark rainbow” just conjures up styles that are closer to my personal alt style.
    Despite her giving you so many problems I’m really glad you made them

    Edit: I’m at the end and did you unintentionally make a gender queer character that uses she/they pronouns?? Because if so I love them even more 😭❤️

  7. Person Internet says:

    I love the fact that Uvie looks like they’re in blacklight ALL the time. It makes them look cool and imaginary.

  8. Mar ze Isopod says:

    When she mentioned the idea of a dark rainbow theme, I immediately thought of how cool a scene doll would look like in Dollightful’s artstyle!

  9. Phersephonia says:

    I love how Uvie’s, Ruby’s, and Tokki’s names all rhyme! It’s so cute and really does make them all feel like they fit into the theme!

  10. Needless_Exposition says:

    I want to think that Uvie is a senior student who inspires both Ruby and Tokki. She certainly was quite a journey but I love every part of this doll’s design from her clothing to her color palette. And the nineties kid in me is jealous of her razor scooter.

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