Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True…

Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True…

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16 Responses

  1. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content !❤

  2. Christopher Valle says:

    i love how chase is in creative mode the first 5 seconds of the world

  3. Dylan Kaess says:

    The thing with the berry bush is it’s not in a dark oak biome where it’s supposed to be


    I LOVE your work and I am subscribed to you and thank you for the best thing ever so I LOVE to see you

  5. Stitch_Lover says:

    You’re the reason I’m OBSESSED with Minecraft


    I saw a white entity in that infinite chunk seed. Oh and Microsoft owns Minecraft now but that was when Mojang owned it.

  7. radion oakmont says:

    the infinite seed is like a variant of the TESSERACT to see into any time any reality at every point in time very fascinating to visit the Minecraft’s 5th dimension, i saw something a shadow entity or it was yourself at another time viewing yourself in the TESSERACT

  8. missreed83 says:

    The herobrine jumpscare was actually kind of scary though

  9. Gaming Kids Shorts says:

    I actually went to this seed nothing weird happened. It was just. Cool

  10. cadence georgia says:

    I love this more please 😁

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