Rest In Peace Dave & Julian 💔

Rest In Peace Dave & Julian 💔


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  1. Lance Stewart says:

    Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, please never take life for granted 😞

  2. Janelle Rich says:

    Lance, I’m so sorry for your families losses. This is awful and heartbreaking and my prayers and thoughts will be with you all in this time of sorrow. You’ve got some special angels watching over you all now. My God wrap his loving arms around your sister and bring her peace and comfort.

  3. Cody Pinkston says:

    I’m sorry for you loss Lance. prayers for you and your family.
    RIP Dave and Julian 🕊️

  4. Katelyn Carr says:

    My heart breaks for everyone. I am sending you all the love in the world. Take all the time you need & give Sabrina an extra big hug.❤ we love you all xx

  5. Katrina Owczarzak says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Lance, it’s so tragic and heartbreaking, my prayers are with Sabrina and your family as well as Dave’s family❤️

  6. JakeTGB says:

    This was one of the saddest videos I’ve watched. I remember all the vlogs I’ve seen with Dave and how funny he was and how excited I was to be able to see their baby on the vlogs. I can’t even fathom how much pain Sabrina is in. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Im so sorry for this. May they both rest in heaven ❤

    • Zil Nil says:

      So true, after reading all the comments its almost as if no one remembered Dave from the vlogs or spoke of his wonderful presence and kind nature. I personally loved seeing him in the vids because of those things and seeing him and Sabrina’s lovely relationship together along with the family too. Truly unexpected and horrible that this happened. Prayers for Sabrina, the Stewart family, and Dave’s family. May Dave & Julian rest in heaven together and Sabrina try what she can to stay strong.

  7. McJuggerNuggets says:

    ❤️ Love you bro. Condolences to you and the family. My heart goes out to your sister. So terrible.

  8. Jay Ash says:

    Sorry for your lost brotha. Condolences goes to your family and Dave’s family 😭❤️

  9. Stealth Mode says:

    I was in complete disbelief when I saw Sabrina’s announcement about Julian and Dave’s passing. To lose not only her child, but her husband as well…I can’t even imagine how devastated she must be. Sending love and prayers to her and the rest of your family, and David’s family ♥️ RIP Julian and David ♥️

    • Erica Frauendorfer says:

      @Anayeli Montes unless I’m looking at the wrong page which I don’t think I am considering I’ve followed her for awhile, it’s all just old pics of her. She’s coping and grieving however she can. I’m not tryna start shit.

    • Erica Frauendorfer says:

      @Anayeli Montes go look. Tell me if you see any at all.

    • Erica Frauendorfer says:

      @laus lora how am I starting shit? I literally went to her insta and there’s nothing.

    • laus lora says:

      @Erica Frauendorfer no she hasn’t please dont start shit at a time like this!!!!!!!

  10. Elizabeth Jacques says:

    I am so sorry for your loss to all involved. Can’t even imagine the pain you all are in. ♥️😇😇 R.I.P. Angles

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