Revealing: The Vote Update

Revealing: The Vote Update

Over the years, Mojang Studios has delivered a consistent line-up of life-changing, award-winning, mind-bending, not to mention jaw-dropping, content. But nothing COMES CLOSE to the Vote Update. Full story:

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50 Responses

  1. Morgenni Stuff says:

    “Just pure, unhinged, voting.” is a power statement.

  2. JDNSLSTCE says:

    Jens smashing the laptop is just pure gold 😂

  3. Insurnou says:

    “The power to make choices” is now my favourite quote.

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Minecraft always spends time making these April fool updates amazing

  5. Gilad Barlev says:

    This is unironically the second best April Fools update y’all have done.

  6. Antoni Rantoni says:

    I Hope they Keep Doing these April Fools Updates they’re a Godsend

  7. Cheestastic says:

    Gotta love Minecraft’s yearly April fools update

  8. Luxray Lloyd says:

    I really love how they use the April Fools Updates to work future stuff for future updates

  9. AshishXMC says:

    The April Fools Updates are always amazing. I just wished they could’ve made April Fools updates in Bedrock, via the Holiday Creator Features Experimental Toggle.

  10. Avis says:

    Wow, the Trails & Tales update looks incredible! I can’t believe it released this early!

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