Rey Mysterio snaps and punches his son Dominik!: SmackDown, March 24, 2023

Rey Mysterio snaps and punches his son Dominik!: SmackDown, March 24, 2023

Following Dominik Mysterio’s rude remark to his mother, Rey Mysterio finally hits his breaking point, agreeing to face his son at WrestleMania. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #SmackDown
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30 Responses

  1. William Smith says:

    One of the biggest crowd reaction in years. Dom and Rey killed it.

    • Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab says:

      @Elden Botting I hope Beth Phoenix return & cost Rhea Ripley or Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Champion

    • DBSVegetaSSJB says:

      Fr bro

    • Elden Botting says:

      @Azimi Syauqie Abdul Wahab Doubt that, it’s gonna be a great match but I’d bet on the fact Charlotte is going to put Rhea over at Mania. Rhea wasn’t ready in the past due to lack confidence and mic work. She’s not lacking that anymore and is more than ready for that spotlight now.

    • Goodfellas says:

      It’s pretty sad wwe fans needs to cheer or boo better Aew killing it with the crowd constantly and they don’t need to do pipe noises

    • Sarah Burkett says:

      This gave me chills the crowd reaction everything!

  2. Icecube28 says:

    This was an absolute fantastic segment. The way he shouted at his Mum, completely drew Rey over the edge. This was perfect. 💯💯💯

  3. Robot-Hive says:

    This makes you appreciate the relationship Rey and Dom have in real life. If that family wasn’t close and have unconditional love for one another this wouldn’t work so well

  4. matthew pace says:

    Dominicks really grown into the heel role, gone from a shy, reluctant one into an incredible natural heel now, amazing to see

  5. Jason Lee says:

    That pop for Rey… Goosebumps

  6. Ray Ramsey says:

    Can we just acknowledge how quickly Aalyah was ready to slide for her mom 😂 lmaooo

  7. xhujles says:

    The fear in Dominik’s eyes after Rey finally snaps on him is everything. Perfectly plays the disrespectful son who acts all tough and hard until his father reacts, then childish fear takes over

  8. Retro Masterkey says:

    Dominik just summoned the final boss fight upon himself, and this is what everyone wanted for so long.

  9. maniac x says:

    What I like the most about this storyline is it feels real about a parent and their “troubled” child. With how the story was done you can believe Rey didn’t want to fight his own son this way with how Rey even tried going to Smackdown to get away from it. If this was Vince era still I’d 100% expect Rey vs Dom to be shoved down your throat with Wrestlemania being the 3rd or 4th time the match happened.

  10. ȠȅɱҽѕῗṡӍⱥᶉіӆѐ says:

    Yes! This has been the moment we have all waited for. He damn near knocked his soul out of his body.

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