Brewstew – Eye Doctor (In 2023)

Brewstew – Eye Doctor (In 2023)

A return trip to the eye doctor

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30 Responses

  1. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    Things sure have changed in the last 20 or so years, and I am wholeheartedly on Team Eye Doctor, 2023. I love how nervous Brewstew gets about the glaucoma test, only for it to actually be a little tickle on his eyeball. And how the jumpscare at 1:13 was so quiet and suppressed, yet it still scared the crap out of him.

  2. joeshoeuhh says:

    My dad is an optometrist, and he got a good laugh from this video.

  3. KyloXsogi says:

    After having a very shitty day at work… this made it all worth it. We love ya Brewstew. Don’t ever die. 😊

  4. Mulberry says:

    I swear, Tyler’s videos are like holidays. They take awhile to come, but they’re worth the wait!

  5. Lugo says:

    Holy hell! Two Brewstew videos this month?! What a time to be alive!

  6. Caleb lorette says:

    It’s crazy I’ve been watching this dudes videos since middle school, I’m 23 and in college now and they still entertain me like no other YouTuber.

  7. mama llama says:

    He never disappoints us

  8. DefyYourLogic says:

    The fact that they finally got rid of the glaucoma test makes me feel like I already have a “back in my day life was worse” story.

    • DefyYourLogic says:

      @Nunya Business I go every year or two for contacts and I’ve never seen it either, and I just went back in December. I’d love to know since it would solve a 20 year long phobia of mine lol

    • Nunya Business says:

      I wanna know when they did this, maybe I just go to shitty eye doctors for both my work requirements and my contact lenses but even last summer I was still taking the blast of air in the eye.

      Who am I kidding I know my work sends me to a shitty eye doctor.

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