Rigondeaux vs Casimero HIGHLIGHTS: August 14, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

Rigondeaux vs Casimero HIGHLIGHTS: August 14, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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John Riel Casimero improves to 31-4 and retains his WBO World Bantamweight Title following a split decision victory over Guillermo Rigondeaux in their 12-round bantamweight bout, live on SHOWTIME from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA.

#RigondeauxCasimero Fight Night Recap: https://pbcham.ps/FightNight-081421


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39 Responses

  1. Vanellope says:

    rigo vs floyd will turn the stadium to a hotel

  2. PweDelie TV says:

    Rigo did the right thing, because of the Pandemic he had to maintain social distancing.🇵🇭

    • jazper valenk says:

      @Eric R lol you should switch sport bro, i think tennis or chess is good for you lol

    • Vladimir sama says:


    • Romir Carido says:

      @Eric R So boxing is a chasing game? Again, imagine if there are 2 rigo fighting in ring, who will chase who? Are you saying that casimero should lose the fight because he didnt caught rigo? Rigo felt the power of casimero in the first round that is why he run in the whole fight, casimero tried to cut the angles but rigo was determined to run. In the end, 2 judges gave the fight to the more aggresive fighter.

    • Romir Carido says:

      @Eric R if you watched the fight, rigo goes left & right, he didnt stay too long in the corner too, its imposible for a fighter to cut the angles if his opponent is not willing to fight..

    • Luis says:

      @Shang Shang he started punching him until after he slipped

  3. WIKI SPORT says:

    I’ve been paralyzed for 1year until i watch the fight rigo really inspires me to get up and run

  4. Boxing Fan says:

    The fact that the highlights only last at 2:15 minutes tells us the amount of RUNNING happened in that bout lol


    Ref: protect yourself at all times.
    Rigo: I took that personally

    • King Crank says:

      Casimero is me and Rigo is my ex gf.

    • Allan Castro says:

      Rigos and Gay weather are same tactics, running like a horse…

    • Indio Maidana says:

      It was a robbery, they talk about Rigo running and other things but he landed most of the blows, Casimero threw blows to nothing, the Filipinos have a cardboard champion, protected by the sports mafia, the business does not want that an old man beat a young boxer who plans to face him against Inoue in a super fight

    • Aaron Nasol says:

      @Indio Maidana Caismero landed 47, rigo 44 , rigo is the challenger so he was the one who needs to do action but do nothing just running for his life…

    • Thomas Byers says:

      Hell yea rigo might of got concussed I would of moved like that too.

  6. daniel lines says:

    If this was a street fight, it would quickly turn into a 5000 m race

    • Dupax says:

      @Spaazzz47-44 punch landed Casimero

    • Var vlad says:

      @Spaazzz clueless

    • Spaazzz says:

      @Dupax boxing should be scored round by round, just because he landed 3 more punches over the TOTAL duration of the fight doesn’t mean he won…
      Boxing is also scored on EFFECTIVE aggressiveness and casimero wasn’t effective clearly because he simply couldn’t hit him clean🤷🏻‍♂️
      We all saw the fight and we all saw that casimero was swinging at air and didn’t want to throw a lot of combinations because 1.) He couldnt land clean when he tried to actually throw combinations because of Rigos footwork and head movement and 2.) he didn’t want to get counterpunched by Rigo…the only round I gave to cas is the first…

    • Dupax says:

      @Spaazzz then 115-113 bro that’s just my opinion. 117-111 is horrendous though. I’m not an expert but you probably have to give it the aggressor on this types of fights. My thing is Rigo just didn’t do enough and people watching on the stands reaction thought Casimero won (Though Cali has a large Filipino Community)

    • Tots tots says:

      his not Punchin Dumbass his touching the face and body of casimero and first of all Casimero is the defending champ rigo is Challenger so he must be the agressor so he can get the belt of casimero people paid for action and fight not for running and threw a punch that less power than slap😂

  7. Larry Bane says:

    Rigo could probably run from that ring to his hometown. What a stamina

  8. Mobile legends Gang bang says:

    Commentator: use ur fist not ur feet 😝 mayweather: Social distancing lol 😂 thats my boy 👦

  9. wicked says:

    Rigo: I frustrate these youngsters

    Rigo frustrates everyone including the people watching.

  10. Manny Patriot says:

    The footwork rigondeaux displayed was amazing from a boxing perspective, but the fact he didn’t throw any punches took all that away. SMH oh well

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