Roads Tools I Feature Highlights #1 I Cities: Skylines II

Roads Tools I Feature Highlights #1 I Cities: Skylines II

Welcome to the very first episode of the Feature Highlights for Cities: Skylines II!

Roads are the backbone of your city and our first episode focuses on just that – Road Tools. Learn how building roads is more flexible than before with a variety of new and returning options!

Read the full Dev Diary HERE!

Footage captured In-Game is not final and might change in time for release.

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54 Responses

  1. Skibitth says:

    Everyone: Dreams don’t come true!
    Cities Skylines 2: Hold my beer!!

    • Sammy says:

      Hold my water pipes*

    • LilBitsDK says:

      yeah this one video alone is SO PROMISING 😀 one of the most annoying thing to work with in CS:1 with all those mods and then it is still a pita… now it just looks nice and fairly easy

    • Pedro Garcia says:

      I was expecting more than that… I was expecting more streets/roads colors and materials (concrete or tar, changing it costs and duration), light poles options (lights colors and models to choose), I wanted see holes in the roads if you don’t put maintenance buildings causing car accidents or a slower traffic , I was expecting something like nodes controls mod to allow us to change offset of corner in the intersections and would be nice see our streets being constructed by the sims in cs2 in real time, this could bee very fast like animations in time lapse videos with trucks and workers , imagine soo cool seen a bridge been constructed in front of you…

    • Sammy says:

      @Pedro Garcia It was always going to be CS1 with mods, cause the mods added all the things that people wanted. Maybe animated building can be added with mods in CS2?

    • Heath Hunt says:

      Let me get in the other lanes!!!!

  2. Jérôme Hervier says:

    Never thought in my life I would be excited watching a roundabout tool being presented but here I am

  3. Coffeehouse Crime says:

    Cannot wait for Skylines 2!! I played the original so much… I gave it up (along with all of my free time) when I started making videos. But this changes on Oct 24th!

  4. ANBU Black 0ps says:

    I love that the water pipes will automatically be built “underneath the roads, right where they belong.”

  5. RTGame says:

    Never been so excited about roads in my entire life

  6. Sascha Z. says:

    This is outrageous. That part when the highway exit was built with a proper realistic sliplane almost made me cry in excitement

  7. TheHoppi95 says:

    1:57 Look at the two people on the right crosswalk. They start running because the pedestrian light starts flashing that it is about to turn red. Simply insane! 😮🤯

  8. Luca Collins says:

    That merge scene looked unreal 2:37.. super super promising !!

  9. clementinesm says:

    Everything I’ve wanted since SimCity 3k is finally here. We’ve finally entered the new generation of city builders. Thank you CS2 💛

    • Luis Niederauer says:

      Do you know what I really miss from 3K? That you have a region to build and each map has limited resources. In the middle of the map is a space to build a space port for example, combining the resources efficiently. This feeling of just building is kind of a void to me, lack of a proper challenge.

    • TaunTaun Rex says:

      Thank all the peeps that actually paid for cities dlc

    • Erron blax says:

      @TaunTaun Rex😂 I bought every DLC just cuz I wanted a second one

  10. Xmodifier says:

    This is such a proper sequel. The original will be missed, but it prepared us for this!

    • fatchip64 says:

      That’s whats sad about direct sequels, the original game is always left to die😢

    • NavidIsANoob says:

      If this is a taste of what’s to come, then it really is time for CS to retire.

    • Fvoarin says:

      The one thing I’m still really hoping for, is correct population density amounts, and a lower US bias to city building. Remember in the first game, building in the European style just felt like the US style with a mask on

    • Xmodifier says:

      @fatchip64 are you kidding me?! Although true, but after what happened to SimCity, this will be a beloved game for many fans. It will never be forgotten.

    • Aloha Tigers says:


      The old game has outdated game engine. So whoever created mods has to work with the tools that they are given.

      So, there’s only so much that modders can do in the old game… all because of the game engine.

      Now, hopefully, let’s see what modders can do in the new game using better modding tools in a new game engine.

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