Top 100 Ranked Tournament (Minecraft Speedrunning)

Top 100 Ranked Tournament (Minecraft Speedrunning)

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45 Responses

  1. rekrap1 says:

    Ahh yes that ending… definitively intentional. On a completely random note here’s a random video…..

  2. bean says:

    So we all just collectively gonna ignore that ending?

  3. OverlandShark 1 says:

    I love watching 1 and a quarter speed runs.

  4. Original Name says:

    That cliffhanger was unreal. Can’t wait for season 2.

  5. KortieBlox says:

    Rekrap really improved in speedrunning. I remember him just praying to get sub 20 minute runs but now he’s got sub 10 runs! The amount of dedication that takes is insane, and right now he’s become a known name in the speedrunning community. Congrats Rek!

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The leaderboard should be the “Pie ray” where first is golden pie, second is strawberry pie, and third is a pumpkin pie and you see who has which pies

  7. JacintaTheCat says:

    If you know what happened on the second run, he was trying to get to the stronghold through the nether after he got all the blazerods but when he tried to enderpearl, he died due to fall damage when ever it landed. He tried to make a comeback but got eliminated from the tournament. I don’t know why the video got cut off at the end but now you know what happened on the second run when it got cut off.

  8. Waddles says:

    Wow what an ending
    One of the endings of all time

  9. Mega_idk says:

    Top 8 or not, that Top 92 spot is something to be proud of for sure. Congrats Rek!

  10. Joshua Rushton says:

    You did it this is so awesome to see your hard work pay off. So glad you made it in the top 100

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