Robert Lewandowski scores TWICE on his BDAY as Barcelona cruise | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Robert Lewandowski scores TWICE on his BDAY as Barcelona cruise | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Robert Lewandowski scored two goals while Ousmane Dembele and Ansu Fati each added a goal as Barcelona earned a 4-1 win over Real Sociedad.
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44 Responses

  1. AP Music says:

    Balde should start games, Ferran has a lot to improve, Frenkie made a mistake, Eric Garcia was unlucky. Raphinha, & Ansu Fatti changed the game completely alongside with Dembele & Lewandowski. This game was chaos but I’m glad we got the win! Also I hope we can register Kounde!

  2. Romero Ram says:

    That movement Lewandoski does to lose the defender on his goal is class

  3. Plugged by J says:

    what an assist from Lewandowski. Ansu got 2 assist and one goal which is crazy

    • Bry The Nice Guy says:

      @Sushank Dhamala your brain is small and cannot process logical and deductive reasoning. Dumbed down to one sentence for you here: “Ansu could be better than what he is but injuries have cut his progression”

    • Henry Rodriguez says:

      @Bry The Nice Guy It will take him about half a season until he’s back 100 percent. This is only psychological and scoring goals will definitely help him.

    • Sushank Dhamala says:

      @Bry The Nice Guy all these what ifs just to say Ansu Fati is worse than Vini

    • Jonathan Martinez says:

      There’s nothing crazy about ansu scoring and assisting twice trust me

    • Bry The Nice Guy says:

      Ansu has a gift. He showed some of it when he debuted in the 2018-19 season at 16. He was bold and brave when trying skills or shooting. If it wasn’t for the meniscus injury he had and Messi leaving I think he would be far better than Vinicius right now. The injury and then reinjury affected his progression. Right now he’s fit but he doesn’t seem as confident. It might take 1 more year OR we may never see bold and careless Ansu Fati anymore. It happens sometimes where a player just never feels normal after a serious injury like what he had.

  4. Jevon John says:

    What a back heel pass by Fati, the kid’s instincts and awareness are so sharp 🔥🔥🔥

  5. dlau99 says:

    Ansu Fati being the difference maker again, just breathtaking. 👏👏

  6. Christopher Barthelus says:

    Back 3 was not it today. We need a right back. Also balde season is upon us he is good. Jordi has competition. We move

    • TheyCallMeBruce13 says:

      @Average Joe Xavi has decided he’s not a fit. He’s probably going out soon. I”m disappointed, since I’m also a USMNT fan, and having a USMNT player starting at Barcelona was very exciting for me.

    • KBS KBREEZY says:

      @Javier Perez height doesn’t matter mate. Our greatest defender was 5’10. If we’re going to buy a full back I would like to have a person that’s going to solidify the position for a while not some temporary fix that will have to be readdressed within a year or two

    • Javier Perez says:

      @KBS KBREEZY I think he’s 31, relax. We need tall defenders. Alba is great but do you really think that he’ll be able to win a header against their Erling Haalands, Ibras, Lukaku. And the other tall midfielders?

    • A B says:

      We have a rb his name is dest …araujo played exactly like dest these last two games but with nothing going foward and if the opponents scored each time araujo left the back post open like they usually do when dest plays Xavi would be getting more heat …play dest simple Eric is trash

    • BleedBarca77 says:


  7. LakeShow Highlights says:

    3:28 that save by Marc won play of the game for me

  8. MALUR82 says:

    I’m so happy for RL9 and his goals, good game to Barca!

  9. james campos says:

    that ter stegen save!! he has been looking good so far making those crucial saves

  10. Heris Robles says:

    lol ppl doubting lewa , the man is a pure striker , always looks for goals. Positioning was amazing.

    • Jonathan Gliniak says:

      @Darwin Giovanni The only other striker who has comparable stats to Lewan is Suarez. That should tell you how dominant Lewa is.

    • Darwin Giovanni says:

      @Pickle_Soup Exactly, low IQs just call him a tap in merchant.. not understanding that he’s just very talented at being at the right place at the right time, its literally his job .
      If being a “tap in merchant” was so easy, then how come more players don’t have crazy good stats like Lewy does?

    • Pickle_Soup says:

      Most people don’t understand that. He doesn’t need to be the fastest, his football IQ is off the charts and he is strong enough to dominate defenders.

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