Multi-division world champion Gervonta Davis and top lightweight contender Rolly Romero faced off in their highly-anticipated May 28 showdown at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. You don’t want to miss what went down before, during, and after the fight. Check it out!

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29 Responses

  1. amck72 says:

    Rolly actually fought better than I thought he would, but it`s clear he`s still out of it in this post interview. To be honest, that was one satisfying KO. He`s not talking as loud and as much anymore. EDIT: Ellerbie and his people did Rolly bad. Rolly should of got taken straight to the hospital after that kid instead of giving interviews. Some of his sentences didn’t make sense and he was on shaky legs walking out of the conference. All this time Ellerbie is trying not to laugh at Rolly.

  2. Saleem Wright says:

    That knock out hurt more than his face, it shook his pride! He’s unwilling to let it humble him and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rematch produces the same results. Davis was patient and let Rolly think he was dominating him. He waited for the right time and took advantage of an over confident fighter.

    • Rene Gonzalez says:

      “Shook his pride” NuJerzey Twork voice

    • Kaiah G says:

      @Du-Rag_Uchiha lmao you must be poor

    • 1st Amendment says:

      Rolly was winning that fight. But everyone has a punchers chance. I KNEW ROLLY WAS THE BETTER BOXER AND GERVONTA HAD A PUNCHERS CHANCE.

    • Elijah Mitchell says:

      @average players ohhh my bad I thought you meant professional only haha

    • average players says:

      @Elijah Mitchell well mayweather has been beat before. It just happened when he wasn’t pro. All boxers and fighters take a loss. That’s how you grow. And tanks gonna meet his match up. Not every fight can be easy and he will be tested by other boxers. Looking forward to seeing what he becomes in this sport in a few years.

  3. Earl Cabbel says:

    It’s hard to understand how a fighter gets TKO’d and calling out the fighter who beat him. Tank was just waiting for Rolly to make the mistake and he did (Fight over). It showed Rolly’s weakness and there was no exposure of Tank.


    His problem was he was getting to cocky and walked right into a punch imagine if davis hit him with the left cross and a hook .He was out just from the from the left ,the ref saved him


      @MG L I agree with that ,Romero was forcing pace and it backfired unless you have exceptional knock out power .It is always best to build a pace first then attack .

    • MG L says:

      You could see that was part of Tank’s game plan though. He was slowing the pace down, by tapping Rollie’s jab, and baiting him to the ropes. It paid off in the 6th. Good fight, and showcased Tank’s ring IQ.

    • CAW Baird says:

      It had such an effect because he was throwing punch and coming forward while he got hit

  5. Just K says:

    Reporter: “you lost the fight” Rollie: “I trained real hard”
    Reporter: “ you got knocked out”
    Rollie: “I exposed his a$$”

  6. jperkins1269 says:

    Wow…that knockout lasted longer than we all thought. These guys are really incredible. I almost hit my 10 three pointers and if I did I wouldn’t have lost by 30

  7. Freddy Castro says:

    Rolly did look good he was just reaching to much while he was pressing seen it coming. I would like to see a rematch But at the same time Tank has nothing to prove. Rolly just going have to go take care of everyone else first. May God bless both fighters.

  8. Whoelse Gaming says:

    This man still knocked out in the post fight interview even after getting an iv while being checked out by a doctor 😂

  9. Elvis says:

    Going in to the ring he was talking like a Lion ,came out like a kitty cat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Brass Tacks Boxing says:

    I will admit, Rollie was up on my cards.. but the saying goes, “it only takes one shot”.. and it sure did.. tank landed that hook perfectly. Hope Rollie is ok..🥊🇺🇸

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