Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders on Colorado’s first loss and Dan Lanning’s comments

Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders on Colorado’s first loss and Dan Lanning’s comments

Deion Sanders sat down with the media to discuss the Colorado Buffaloes’ crushing loss to the Oregon Ducks.

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41 Responses

  1. JHollinsTV says:

    As a 30 year Duck Fan, this is the epitome of class. No excuses, all accountability. What a Coach should be.

    • Thelma Bosmans says:

      No class would have been if Oregon coach had not said a thing and let the game speak for itself. I was an Oregon fan but they just got arrogant!
      Deion I can understand.

    • Nick McCorkle says:

      @Thelma Bosmanswhat are you talking about? Coach Lanning was firing up his team. Prime would have done the exact same thing. You hear his speech after the game?

    • Hanky Hank says:

      Yeah, even Prime time admits he’s NOT ready for PRIME TIME! Perhaps looking like Stevie Wonder has BLINDED him to the fact the wins were just a FLUKE??? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Matt Luttrellius says:

      @Thelma Bosmanswait, Oregon got arrogant?!? The entire Colorado team was stomping on the field pre-game and wiping their feet on the Oregon logo mid-field. Oregon arrogant? Colorado is the one wearing gold chains and sunglasses to press conferences. Colorado is the one being arrogant.

  2. Dwayne Kirby says:

    I love how he just takes it all on his shoulders. No excuses, no blaming refs…you learn more about a person in losses than in wins. Love Coach Prime.

  3. Eugene Jacobs says:

    There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. In a society where millions of people are putting together their best highlights to please others on social media, Coach Prime has been true to himself from day 1. He puts the rubber on the road, and this man has appeal that EVERYONE in the business benefits from! There is absolutely no reason he shouldn’t be confident. This POST-GAME interview AFTER A TERRIBLE LOSS has already nearly 2 million views in 12 HOURS! Think about that. Some of my favorite songs haven’t even reached 1 million after 10 years! This is his first year here. Recruiting will be crazy this coming year. Guy has a bright future in coaching ahead of him!

  4. :Dennis Hardin says:

    He gave an interview without saying a cussing. He admitted that his team wasn’t prepared from all standpoints. That took CLASS from a coach who just loss. He said everyone was accountable from coaching down. And that meant a lot. He’s not down nor the team, but he’ll come back. Congrats on a great interview.

  5. LaMont Melrose says:

    “It’s not pride, it’s confidence and if that hinders your insecurity, that’s a you problem!”

    He handled that interview like a real coach! I appreciate his willingness to face the music!

  6. Federico says:

    Wow. Even in defeat this man commands the situation, commands respect and radiates confidence.

  7. Nathaniel Castillo says:

    THAT is how a coach handles a loss like that. Class, Self responsibility, 0 bad mouthing, AND respectfully answering all questions in full to all press. Wish this team nothing but the best here on out.

    • 11Bravo says:

      He had no choice. He had to come out like this because he has been running his mouth big time and the players are the ones who have to back up his talk. He has refused to be humble, or act like he’s been there before. He put a target on his teams back and that’s not fair to his players. Humility and to be humble in victory and to respect his opponents will be key. He had the whole world on his side until he got to Colorado. People noticed how he treated hold over players/coaches from previous year and it was embarrassing. To claim to be a Christian and treat others that way is wrong. This job has gone to his head and I hope he comes out of it a better person.

    • Mackenzie Banks says:

      @11BravoWTF are u talking about😂 he haven’t bad mouthed anyone. He still got the world on his side at Colorado that’s why folks mad because media and everybody on Coach prime and Colorado. U wrote a bunch of nonsense.

    • Justin Young says:

      ​@11Bravo he definitely had a choice

    • Chris Long says:

      ​@11_Bravo 🤣 wtf hyping up your players is what a coach is supposed to do. He never ran his mouth about Oregon like their coach did on film. Players will always trash talk, it’s part of competition.

    • Stacc _ says:

      @11Bravo Every coach does this. You just don’t see this. Like dude have you ever even played football before? Its called boosting your teams confidence

  8. Timothy Hart says:

    Every coach, player, and fan of every team in every sport should take note of how to accept a loss with this much class! This is a sermon in itself.

  9. Ro Gambrell says:

    Why there’s so much hate for this man I will never understand. Pure class period. Deion used to be a member of my church when he played for the Cowboys. Let me say this man made me glad I was a fan. Very down to earth. I would often sit near him and Michael Irving on Wednesday night bible study. This man would always speak to me first and ask how I was as well as Michael Irvin. Both are extremely down to earth.

    • Warren Perry says:

      Because he’s an alpha male. He masculine, accountable and parental! And this world hates that and I LOVE HIM for it! What great example for men!

    • Ro Gambrell says:

      @Warren Perryexactly he reminds me of my father. Just loves people, to have fun and speaks positivity into the life of who ever he encounters. People judge him because he loved to have fun and entertain. But have no idea that he’s one of the nicest people to encounter despite the fact that he’s one of the greatest athletes of all time. You would never know that by having a conversation with him in person.

    • chip midges says:

      Because there’s Deion and then there’s Prime. Most people hear Prime, but not Deion. It’s been that way since he was at FSU.

    • Donnie Smith says:

      Because people don’t like confident people that have proven they are winners. It is sad…

    • Ro Gambrell says:

      @Alfonso Rodriguezthat’s my husband of 20yrs job immature one. Grow up some women have morals and abide by them.

  10. John Breedy Jr says:

    “Take your shots now. This is the worst we’re going to be.” That’s a gem.

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