Russian President Vladimir Putin signals end of troop mobilization in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signals end of troop mobilization in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he will end his partial troop mobilization within the next two weeks, despite a week of increased missile attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine. CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent and “Face the Nation” moderator, Margaret Brennan, joined Catherine Herridge to discuss the latest.

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40 Responses

  1. James Lopez says:

    He also said that Russia was just doing military exercises before literally invading Ukraine the next week

    • Nick martian says:

      @Pro Russia Girly oh russia 👩🙋‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Doug Kenney says:

      @Pro Russia Your efforts in writing are sub-standard. As a result, you are going to be deployed to Ukraine soon.
      Bring YOUR OWN weapons. Do not compel the Glorious State to provide for your shortcomings &
      Do NOT scream in agony if you are shot, on fire, or ran over by Glorious State T-52 tank.

      It is very unbecoming of Soviet Man and you will be humiliating the Motherland with your screams.

    • Joshua Beck says:

      It was an in depth exercise, I guess

    • Albert's Supernova says:

      @Don john Trump Nobody said its over.. But if it is an exercise they will work on their weaknesses to take care of you next time

  2. Recollection Creek Chair Company says:

    Man, it would be great to see this conflict come to an end.

  3. Breeze says:

    Putin saying a thing isn’t the same thing as doing that thing. Ignore what he says and watch what he does.

  4. TRE45ON is Bat5hit Crazy by Ulysees S. Grant*SS$! says:

    What many people don’t understand is that currently Ukraine is not really focused on taking land. Ukraine is focused on getting better tactical and strategical positions and cutting off enemy’s supply lines. Which will subsequently enable them to dramatically improve the personnel and materiel lost ratio compared to the enemy’s. Which mean that this war will become a black hole for Russian army. And once Russian army capabilities deteriorate just enough, Ukraine will most likely strike on ALL fronts at the same time to make sure everything crumbles. And then this war will turn into a whack-a-mole with a billion moles popping at the same time for the Russian brass. Welcome to the quagmire Russia. Giggity.

    • simon shotter says:

      @Okay it even a real language

    • Okay says:

      Вы слишком переоцениваете Украину,возможности ваши собственные желания затуманили вам глаза.Реальность отличается от ваших фантазий
      Украина никогда не сможет дать достойный ответ России,все что она может это оборонятся и подрывать мосты, просто примите это уже как факт и снимите розовые очки

    • simon shotter says:

      @Sean Eastman especially as the SAS are training them

    • JDKhaos says:

      @ravinraven6913 his name has treason with a 45, it’s a Trump reference.

  5. Joe Anderson says:

    Attacking apartment buildings and playgrounds and civilians is not going on the offense.
    It’s terrorism.

  6. Ray Turp says:

    Trying to stop Russians from fleeing by giving them a sense of safety, I expect that Putin will use the two weeks to secure the borders so conscripts can not leave so easily.

  7. The Red Knight says:

    Keep in mind, he does not consider the four annexed territories part of Ukraine. He knows this is all he’s going to get, so he’s pulling back and will dig in and try to hold those four (and Crimea). He’ll also ask for an end to sanctions, because he’s “no longer attacking Ukraine”.

  8. TheodoreJay says:

    Putin: I have unlimited humans to throw at this stupid war. Russians: We’re out of here 🙄

    • Nasty Woman 1979 says:

      @Duran while I agree cutting and pasting the same comment on every comment is pathetic spamming. Do better

  9. All_au_au Tun. says:

    Putin is like Bizarro, he does the exact opposite of what he says.😂

  10. Silver Forest says:

    We will believe it when we see it. Slava Ukraine!

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