Charles III proclaimed king in historic ceremony – BBC News

Charles III proclaimed king in historic ceremony – BBC News

Trumpets and cries of “God save the King” were heard as Charles III was proclaimed monarch during an elaborate ceremony at St. James’s Palace.

Charles became king immediately after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, but a historic meeting formally confirmed his role on Saturday.

It is the first time that cameras have been inside this ceremony, the last of which took place over 70 years ago.

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24 Responses

  1. Rasmus Rasmusson says:

    I am not a royalist, but the amount of history that goes into every detail in this ceremony is incredible.

    • Liz Gavil says:

      Many people do not understand or do not want monarchies, but not knowing that today they are a source of income in any country that exists and they are useful monarchies in what can be done, England would not be what it is today without that monarchy, many of us love life and stories of royalty, magazines and newspapers sell, feed us morbidity and is a chain generating money that is what drives the economies of many countries.

    • Monica Gonsalves says:

      You are so right.

    • BordersW123 says:

      @Mr Boom Boom . Slightly more per year than one F35 jet.

    • Islamic Fukistani Socialist Republic says:

      The amount of blood and sweat is incredible.

    • JupiOnTheMoon says:

      History of killing

  2. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    I’m absolutely privileged to witness a once in a life time historic and beautiful ceremony of traditions and customs

  3. Maria Elda says:

    This is the stuff we only see in movies but is STILL happening in present time. What a privilege to witness this n my lifetime with my very eyes Absolutely incredible! When they sang “God save the King!” For the first time, I had goosebumps and I’m not even British. What an impact!

  4. PBJ Silver Studio says:

    Having only read books relating the history of a new king or queen taking the throne, it is incredible to me to be privileged at this time in our history to actually witness these many centuries old protocols and traditions. To think that these positions have been in place for hundreds and hundreds of years is truly miraculous. I feel fortunate.

    • Tic Tac says:

      @Hispanic Youtube person yes you are correct!

    • Hispanic Youtube person says:

      @Daniel Mitrevski The former Queen’s uncle had to experience that in 1936. On the other hand, her son got to marry a divorcée in 2005. In the timespan of 69 years, things change. Also, it’s also said that Edward VIII was also forced to abdicate because of his close relation to Hitler, though I am not a historian, so do not take my word on that.

    • Hispanic Youtube person says:

      @Skinny Mcdoogin Though George IV ruled as king from 1820 to 1830 (and as regent from 1811 to 1820), you are not quite right. Here are a few examples of shorter reigns:

      -William IV (r. 1830-1837)
      -Edward VII (r. 1901-1910)
      -Edward VIII (January 1936- December 1936)

  5. zada says:

    We used to sing God save the Queen in school, and I still know the words. It actually brought tears to my eyes to replace Queen with King. Such a humbling moment in history

    • Donald Dodson says:

      Although perhaps more ritually sung than heartfelt, nevertheless I appreciate the words sung throughout the United Kingdom and the Realm. May the Eternal God be with us all. Blessings.

  6. Paul D says:

    I can honestly say this is the first time for most people on the planet to witness the proclamation of a new King. Historical indeed.

    • resireg says:

      Spain? belgium? Japan? thailand? Netherlands?

    • JBBrickman says:

      @ℬ𝒜𝒩𝒟ℐ𝒯 well then why are you here? Just to be edgy and counter culture?

    • lott nio says:

      @Gloria Evans Don’t troll. Other countries and people are important too. Also there are lot of people around the world who are not too fond of the late queen because she kept quite silent about the crimes of British colonialism. Promoting UK centric world view doesn’t really do good for the country which is already sinking into deep manure because of Brexit. So it is better to admit there are other monarchies too people care about.

  7. Irina Asadullaeva says:

    Очень красивая церемония.

  8. GL EN says:

    I’m priveledged to witness the proclamation of Charles III as a King and I haven’t witnessed this kind of ceremony yet in my entire life.

  9. Rennor says:

    After 70 years a King sits on the British throne and the throne of the Commonwealth as a whole.
    However the memory of his predecesor still runs deep inside all of us.

  10. ARMY EXERCISE says:

    Wow! Amazing and majestic to watch this historic ceremony. We are witnessing a live coronation of THE King proclamation. Long live King Charles III !!!

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