Sami Zayn wants a shot at the title. WWE SmackDown Highlights 2/3/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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37 Responses

  1. OSE_NERO says:

    This whole storyline has been amazing. And to top it all off, this is one of Roman’s strongest promos. This one felt incredibly real. They’ve all been fantastic and grown something as well as themselves in it. I’m excited to see where this ends, but it’ll be sad when it’s over. WWE needs more Bloodline storylines.

    • Ryan Williams says:

      @Cleveland Reynolds that’s your opinion… I just don’t like ppl being jerks and nitpicking for no good reason at all!.. Like shut up and just enjoy the wrestling program…

    • Dave Farlow says:

      @Cleveland Reynolds well there’s plenty of variety. Nobody is making you watch reigns or find him interesting. You can always watch raw, nxt, AEW, NJPW, etc. However finding reigns boring isn’t changing his status anytime soon.

    • Dave Farlow says:

      @Asdf Asdfg 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dave Farlow says:

      @Marc Basil 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Cleveland Reynolds says:

      @Ryan Williams I like watching good exciting wrestling matches sorry to tell you but Roman is boring he just isn’t fun to watch

  2. EZ-JAY100 says:

    Not gonna lie after years of me not getting used to seeing these new generation wrestlers and thinking the storylines are boring finally this is giving me 2002 vibes I’m definitely tuning in next week to see where this goes

  3. OG Merch Man says:

    I like how the crowd chanted “We Want Jey” and immediately Roman acknowledged it while confronting Sami. Details like this is what makes wrestling great

    • Dave Farlow says:

      @For Lucky are you insinuating that no chant is authentic nowadays? Because I beg to differ

    • Clasteau says:

      That was a nice pivot from Roman. Veteran move, showing just how good he really is right there. Not using a LOT of time as the clock ticks down, but just using it as a part of what he was already going to do, break him at the chamber. But now it’s about the family. Brilliant.
      Oh, to be a fly on the wall when he and Heyman break down things and plan lines and stories.

    • Justin Hill says:

      Roman is a master at playing up the crowd! Added to his promo that was amazing awareness

    • 4 4 0 - fisherman (d rock) says:

      Wrestling is fake 🤓

    • War By Deception says:

      There’s a lot of things that make wrestling great. Too bad in 2023, we rarely see those things.

  4. Silent Otaku says:

    The acting here is phenomenal, truly. It feels natural and flows organically. Sami’s frustration, Roman responding to the Jey chants. Truly wonderful.

  5. TalkToMe says:

    This is probably the best storyline WWE has given us in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. It’s a long storyline but it’s been entertaining every step of the way. The matches have great, Roman mic skills have been getting better, The USO’s are more entertaining and dominant then ever, and Solo looks and feels like a younger Umaga.

  6. Ultimate-X says:

    Seeing Sami go after someone has been a long awaited thing to happen. It’s great to see. I feel like he’s gonna be the Daniel Bryan of 2020s cause he just gives off that underdog feel and I can’t wait to see how it ends!

    • Roy Cuffee says:

      Nah D bry was a legitimate contender Sami is a mid carder at best although he is hot who could take him serious as world champ

    • Christopher Sanchez says:

      Its gonna end with him not getting the big win over reigns he not getting anywhere near those tittles 🤣🤣 maybe the tag team tittles thats is but he not winning the big one get it through ur thick skulls 🤣

    • FaithInTheUnseen 1 says:

      Yesss! I said this last week 🎉🎉🎉

  7. HyperBolic Athletes says:

    It’s wasn’t the wrestling that made the attitude era legendary. It was the storylines that kept you tuned in every single week just to find out what happens next. This is an example of what’s been missing from this new generation of WWE

    • Kenneth Rawlings says:

      **ideas themselves

    • Myron Davis says:

      Exactly. All these wrestlers with no personalities, 500 super kicks and doing gymnastics all over the ring is not what we want. We want storylines that used to make wrestling more popular than anything else scripted on television. This is definitely really really good stuff

    • OVA Let's Play says:

      i agree

    • michael edwards says:

      Perfect analogy and it’s so true. Attitude era didn’t have alot of 5 star matches it was the storylines that kept people in tune.

  8. Kilo TW says:

    Roman showing Range as a heel. Just when I thought he couldn’t take it up another level 👏🏽 that promo at the end was top tier.

  9. Rob The Savior says:

    Sami has come a long way from joining the Bloodline to feuding with the Bloodline, absolute Cinema and perfect long term storytelling.

  10. Viktor Krumbs says:

    This is so good quality stuff. These near 3 years with Roman have been such a ride!

    • Viktor Krumbs says:

      @Michael Myers That’s definitely fair! I really liked his feud with Jay. I liked how it really set up Roman as a heel and really established his current persona of the Tribal Chief. I honestly didn’t know which way it was going to go at the time, but that feud was the one where I instantly became a fan of Roman, Jay, and what they were doing with them. I have loved it ever since.

    • Michael Myers says:

      this past year yeah but 2021 and 2020 was ehh for me imo but 2022 and so far 2023 have been great for roman

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