save her

save her

Save Pomni AND help us fund a season of Digital Circus! 👉
(Also there’s a 15% sale for the next 8 days!!!)

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54 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! We’re seeking funding for a full season of DIGITAL CIRCUS right now! Saivng Pomni or other Digital Circus products from the merch store is a great way to help! 👉
    (There’s a 15% off sale for the next 8 days)
    No pressure though! Have a great day 💖💖

  2. Smug Bow Kid says:

    Ragatha not being a doll is a missed opportunity honestly.

  3. Auby says:

    It appears that Pomni’s wish to return back to the real world has backfired horribly on her.

  4. Paragon Robbie says:

    I’m really happy Meatlad is getting the recognition he deserves.

  5. Heisenberg says:

    Gotta love how Pomni is on the verge of insanity

  6. Plucky Cheeks says:

    Why do I feel like meatlad is gonna be the most important character for the rest of the show

  7. PrBoomSlayer says:

    Its insane how quickly it took to start making merch for this show, and its well deserving too!

  8. Zumba says:

    Gotta love the effort Glitch is putting into these

  9. Neverack Winteright says:

    I would normally not be a fan of shilling out. But you guys truly deserve it.

  10. LobiMations says:

    The dude who voices Caine needs an Oscar

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