Save MAJOR Gas Money

Save MAJOR Gas Money

Hitchhiking is illegal in some states (6 out of 50…I googled it) This law was actually passed by giant oil companies not wanting you to know this secret life hack. You’re welcome. Stay Cheap Fam…& thanks for supporting this channel. Really…your nice comments keep me going. Well, I will always be like this but your nice comments fuel the fire for me to keep sharing my secrets. Tickle the subscribe button if you have read this far.

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34 Responses

  1. Vichy Bitchy! says:

    “Alright we reached your destination!”
    “Oh my god i feel like im going to pass out from pushing”
    “Now push my car back home, which is 15 miles away”

    • CaptainDoggo says:

      @Marco But what If Hes Destination is Like in America and Hes in Luxembourg? Do you think He wants to Walk That Long?
      And He pushed the Car because He couldnt Walk to his Destination, and waited outside to get Like Help From somebody Who has a Car.
      And Then the Driver is Like The one Thats driving.
      So He pushed the Car because the Driver was Kind enough to Let him in His car, and the Driver was also lazy (─.─||)
      (PS sorry If its a little Bit confusing to read, my sentences are Out of Order lol)

    • Marco says:

      @CaptainDoggo lol, tell me how you’re going to drive your car across an ocean

    • CaptainDoggo says:

      @Marco idk (・∀・)😂

    • Blue line says:

      @Marco cause it’s rude and the hitchhiker is trying to be nice. Someone picked you up when you needed help now they need help you help them right?

    • Blue line says:

      @Bobanius Jr. it’s rude

  2. User says:

    *Who else appreciates the fact that he uploads consistently?* 💕

  3. InfinityGaming says:

    Can we all just do appreciate the fact that his videos are so addicting to watch

  4. Sultan B says:

    I was thinking he would say “oh shit we ran out of gas, if you want a ride pay for the gas”

  5. • Jin E A T • 50 years ago says:

    He always has such unique and funny plot twists🤧🤌✨

  6. Prince Mumin Bustos says:

    I feel so bad for the guy won’t anyone talk about how surprised the guy was he literally was waiting for ever then suddenly he has to push 😭😭😭

  7. I Decide My Vibe says:

    His voice is so deep and the background music is so satisfying

  8. Master Vacation says:

    It takes so little to brighten someone else’s day. Yet it can leave them feeling happy for a moment, an hour, a day, or give them a sweet memory for life. Help someone in need (esp. the elderly), tell someone you care about they’re amazing, compliment the chef who just made your delicious dinner, post something positive or leave a kind comment on social media, even just smile at people around you….. And it will make you feel pretty awesome, too 🙌.

  9. Anna Smith says:

    He always has such unique and funny plot twists🤧🤌✨

  10. No says:

    These shorts are so entertaining, they always make my days better 💕

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