SCOOTY – a mind blowing short by Peter France

SCOOTY – a mind blowing short by Peter France

Created by Peter France ►
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This Episode ►
A man whose life has been ruined by electric scooters must learn to find his own humanity from that which he hates the most.

Matt Zone as Jake
Riley Olson as Scooty
Jordan Coleman as Zoey

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31 Responses

  1. Dario Kesegi says:

    This guy…
    How does Peter keep surprising me every time….


  2. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    The CGI for Scooty is so freaking good

  3. Mango Turtle says:

    That was weirdly gripping. I especially like how the eyes on Scooty were done.

    Also the fact that he just kept throwing the food on the ground rather than eating it. Superb work.

  4. DECODED says:

    An 18 minute short with an entirely 3D character. Are you kidding me? Amazing.

  5. Rhodri Davies says:

    You know, I think the thing I’m most impressed by, is not actually the visuals, but something that wasn’t touched on in the video on Corridor Crew at all, the music score! It’s phenominal for a piece like this. I can only assume it was done using digital VST’s, but it sounds as if it could’ve been a live recorded orchestra! And the quality of the music itself, Mr Squires is a very talented composer!

  6. Punith Gowda says:

    This short is award worthy for sure . Congrats Peter🌟👍

  7. Bodhyplees says:

    I love Peter’s work. This looks amazing!!! and unbelievable that it is made in the FREE software blender.

    • GregBlast FPV says:

      @Bodhyplees Did you watch the BTS on the crew’s channel? Maybe you should lol. Blender played only a little part in this. He even bought assets like the city (even if he upscaled some with AI to get cheaper ones ^^).

    • Burger FPV says:

      Its not just free its open source, which is even better so anyone can contribute. The corridor spirit is kinda like open source to, they share all these insights and tricks in their videos, very awesome!

    • Egret Fx says:

      He used AE, Reality Capture, Substance Painter, Blender, and a whole lot stuff… Which aren’t free lol

    • TheNeonBop says:

      if you liked it check out ian hubert’s short film, also made in blender

    • kein Fortnite says:

      @Simon Rockstream no they aren’t?
      What software other then blender?
      Houdini isn’t free Maya isn’t free renderman isn’t free nuke isn’t free?

  8. Troutmaan says:

    Corridor never ceases to amaze me. After all these years they are still growing and pumping out legendary content.

  9. Film Connor says:

    I know Peter has been working on this for awhile and I’m so happy to finally see this masterpiece, Thank you corridor for letting him make it here!

  10. Mr WizardFortress says:

    A story of Friendship, Betrayal and Heists and Redemption. Truly a story of greatness!

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