Season 4: Infection Trailer | Halo Infinite

Season 4: Infection Trailer | Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Season 4: Infection arrives on June 20! ☣️

Unleash mayhem with a new 100-tier Battle Pass, maps, equipment, and the return of the fan-favorite Infection game mode.

This Season also marks the introduction of Halo Infinite’s Career Rank progression system, Forge improvements, enhanced weapon customization, and more!

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32 Responses

  1. Master Beef says:

    This trailer is so good. Have no clue why it wasn’t at the Xbox games showcase.

    • Inigo Arroyo says:

      Because it’s not worth the time it’s literally one minute long. They need to show the bigger games that had more content.

    • thaneros says:

      Simple, the fanbase….. Its never enough.

    • motivatesean says:

      @Inigo Arroyomore content? most those games didn’t even have a Forge-like mode and/or campaign.

    • Inigo Arroyo says:

      @thaneros  simple because the game should’ve been content complete since day one. Infection, new equipment, and maps made on forge with no dedication don’t deserve to be on the showcase. It shouldn’t be enough to want a full game at launch. Not a raw and poorly underdeveloped game.

    • Truth in Entertainment says:

      It likely didn’t exist/wasn’t planned until fans complained.

  2. Sam Records says:

    It’s been said before, but the EDITING ON THESE VIDEOS IS AMAZING. Whoever took charge and started synching these to the music and making them impactful like this deserves a raise.

  3. KnightHood Gaming says:

    I want the infection Aura to be a armor effect that’s equippable

  4. BEANgotthatdope says:

    The multiplayer reveal will always be the most epic trailer I’ve ever seen. Whoever is making them, keep up the good work!

  5. Elevate says:

    This really needed to be shown to the “wider” audience when it had the chance. Looks fantastic. There should have been maps and skins that altered the models based on fractured events. Imagine Entrenched hazardous desolate maps with weapon skins from that universe to match.

  6. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    1:11 love this skin. Hope they offer skins that share the appearance of the other variants of a weapon, like a skin that makes the AR look like the Halo 3 or Halo 5 AR.

  7. Deadfire626🫤🫤 says:

    Hopefully this season has awesome cutscenes like season 3 did

  8. Someguy098 says:

    Been waiting for Infection since Infinite Launched. Was one of my most played game modes back in Reach.

    • Oomenacka says:

      Amen, brother. I would grind reach infection and also grifball for DAYS. Crazy to me how infinite didn’t launch with two of the fan favorite game modes but things are on the right track and there is finally reason for optimism.

    • StolenDiamond says:

      Infection is the core of all the best custom games, you really can’t have Halo without it. Hopefully it’s gonna be the best infection yet given how amazing the forge is!

    • Jimmy says:

      They’ll screw it somehow

  9. LiL BAM BAM 💯 says:

    Let’s go ready for season 4 🔥

  10. RandoPhanto says:

    This new map feels very Halo 2, love it.

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