I Tortured my Friends Pet (in minecraft)

I Tortured my Friends Pet (in minecraft)

im not a completely bad person.. right?

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29 Responses

  1. rob2929 says:

    I love how he had to put (in minecraft) in the title to avoid legal repercussions

  2. razmoose says:

    I love watching tazoh commit multiple war crimes on frogs (in minecraft ofc)

  3. Not_CoolUser says:

    Kidnapping is the best way to solve an argument.

  4. Mountain™ says:

    Tazoh never failes to entertain us! Thanks for the content man, and keep up the good work!

  5. Sami~ says:

    The fact that both of you were stealing each others pet at the same time is craazy

  6. Jinx Wolf says:

    He had me in the end there, I’m not gonna lie! Freaking gasped bro X’D

  7. HoopyLoopyStudios says:

    Tazoh never fails to impress

  8. MidnightWaffle👑🎗️ says:

    Tazoh going full detective mode is brilliant


    that plot twist at the end was shocking

  10. TheImmortalStickman says:

    I love that he had to say in minecraft. He would get demonetized, if he is monetized

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