She Was Missing Her S Key On Her Keyboard….. #Shorts

She Was Missing Her S Key On Her Keyboard….. #Shorts

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40 Responses

  1. Phone Repair Guru says:

    This worked out well because she would still be using the “]” key and removing its nipple would make it 100x harder to use. This customer also happens to be my sister 🙂
    Also Long video out now :

  2. Kyle Kitzul says:

    My backspace button split in two one time, I was calling my manufacturer and they said they would have to replace the whole keyboard for $300, I called other computer tech stores and the same answer. I went on ebay, bought the button from a really sketchy seller and replaced it myself for $7

  3. 从人尺tsuki says:

    Ctrl+F to search for the missing S

  4. Muhammad Badrul Amin says:

    This is remind me of the meme
    ” Guys help, I was lost CTRL, there is no ESC, gimme some SPACE “

  5. How ya doin today Barb says:

    Buy external keyboard and use it for your laptop if you used it at home. It will prolong the life of your laptop’s built in keyboard. Same thing applies to mouse.

  6. Gamin' says:

    How’d she lost her S key in the 1st place is the real question

  7. CavesAndVillagesSMP says:

    Same thing happened to my brother dude s aswell

  8. NatPat says:

    What if you 3D printed a new key? Also great content, keep up the amazing work.

  9. Just Tyquo says:

    Hey man, could you do a more in depth video on how you replaced it? I have the same laptop and my Z key is popped off but I can’t seem to get it back in.
    Been searching for a good video about it for a while and it would be amazing if you could help me

  10. Hihallo says:

    Now she has 2 destroyed keys 😂

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