“SHOW THE F*** UP” – Logan Paul Reacts To Dillon Danis’ Face Off No Show

“SHOW THE F*** UP” – Logan Paul Reacts To Dillon Danis’ Face Off No Show

Logan Paul was less than impressed after Dillon Danis failed to show up for their scheduled face off.

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53 Responses

  1. Jade says:

    You can see that Logan is hurt. This confidence is so fake, you can see he is stressed to be confronted about the streets.

  2. JackieZ says:

    “Dillon Donuts” gotta be the saddest diss ever 💀

    • foopie says:

      i agree brother, but let’s be 100% honest and authentic. You’re definitely the type of guy to be a “no show” to anything physical.

    • The Prime Channel says:

      @foopie and you would?

    • Kommodity King says:

      Your mom giving birth to you was probably the saddest thing that ever happened to her 😅

    • foopie says:

      @The Prime Channel amazing comeback, im pretty sure anyone would show up to box for a lot of money. Even to box tyson, you’re getting paid. No need to defend your father

  3. Callthe Copington: 17-3 MMA, 0-3 IRL says:

    The saddest thing is he talks to KSI with a greater bond and brotherhood than when he talks to his own brother

  4. Pow Pow says:

    Dillon is playing mind games tremendously

  5. Dimitri says:

    Logan looks like he is at the verge of tears 💀

  6. Jon Africa says:

    love how logan puts on a blaccent to act tough

  7. Daniel Amaya says:

    This whole video is proof that Dillon is in his head

    • Sam Matt says:


    • Boredomoverload says:

      Ummm no?
      It just means that he’s annoyed that Dillon hasn’t shown up,
      It makes sense why it would be annoying,
      I don’t see y’all saying Dillon was in Ksi’s head when he didn’t show up for the press conference when they were supposed to fight

  8. Mesimäyrä says:

    logan sounds so heartbroken, hes going down in so many ways

  9. Otaku Slap says:

    Logan came in early to sit on the table and said dillon didn’t show up. That’s a broken man right there. Even danz is sorry for him by posting this

  10. KD says:

    He could’ve used this free time to pay back the people he owes TBH

    • SHOERICE says:

      At this point i’d be happy if ppl like you were the scam victims lol

    • ItsCaptainCrunch says:

      Confused why everyone says this.. my brother spent 400 dollars on crypto zoo and was payed back his money like 6 months ago lol

    • Leo Kai says:

      @ItsCaptainCrunchbecause no one actually cares about the victims. I doubt if a victim spoke out saying he got payed he would gain no traction unless Logan talks about it, then if he did. People would say u’re only talking about it to fix the bad scamming image

    • Dricus Du Plessis King Of Africa And Wakanda says:

      @SHOERICELogan is that you?

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