Sidemen Charity Match 2023

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On the 9th of September Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars are coming together to play the 2023 Charity Match at London Stadium.

Use the hashtag #SDMNCharityMatch to talk about the game!

OFFICIAL STREAM starts at 2:15pm BST

Kick off time is at 3pm BST

The Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of the following charities:

Teenage Cancer Trust:
Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity:
m7 Education:

Any donations you make are greatly appreciated and going to great causes! Hope you enjoy the match.

Funds raised today will be split between the five charities the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of: 37.5% to BRIGHTSIDE, 25% to CALM, 25% to Teenage Cancer Trust, 7.5% to Rays Of Sunshine and 5% to M7 Education.

For full details and terms and conditions please visit

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39 Responses

  1. nuqi says:

    sidemen blessed us with the best event ever

  2. Yondo36 says:

    The fact JJ ran all the way down the field just tp celebrate with Ethan is amazing

  3. nuqi says:

    Speed casually missing 5 oppertunitys

  4. John Linsay says:

    Awakenbeerus is definetly from the future, there is no other explanation…To know the score will be 8:5 is INHUMAN!!!

  5. Lucas Shin says:

    Love how Stephen stood up for Theo and told the cameras not to show him injured. Respect

  6. dinelka dananjaya1 says:

    Respect to all the SIDEMEN for raising money for charities and giving entertainment to fans at the same time.

  7. Ayden Aiken says:

    It is crazy to think we are watching something that is going to be part of YouTube history forever

  8. Stephen Panda says:

    Jacksepticeye glad he got to play he is hilarious and did well, fair play and big love for all who played and max fosh underrated youtuber

    • Ridstock says:

      Jack does much bigger numbers for charity every christmas too, last year he raised 9 million hope he can the the Sidemen to join in this year after playing.

  9. allie cloud says:

    Ethan walking out on the pitch holding Olive was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  10. nuqi says:

    Respect to speed for trying

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