THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER TRAILER REACTION!! Marvel Studios’ Official Teaser | Breakdown

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER TRAILER REACTION!! Marvel Studios’ Official Teaser | Breakdown

THOR 4 TEASER TRAILER!! Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) debuts alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy in the next MCU Thor film lead by Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale Gorr The God Butcher, Russell Crowe Zeus, Valkyrie Tessa Thompson, directed by Taikai Waititi (Korg), featuring . Here’s our Reaction & Breakdown plus easter eggs!
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0:00 Leave A Like!
0:50 Thor Love & Thunder Trailer Reaction
2:21 Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Breakdown
3:15 Mighty Thor Jane Foster Explained
4:25 Themes
5:28 mjolnir & stormbreaker
6:15 King Valkyrie & New Asgard
6:45 80’s / Strongest Avenger
7:32 Thor Costumes
8:25 Guardians Of The Galaxy
8:45 Taika Waititi Direction
9:12 Thor Character Arc

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46 Responses

  1. PRIME says:

    One of the most comic book looking MCU movies by far. But I’m most looking forward to Thor’s character arc in this movie, it feels like it’s gonna be something special.
    9:23-10:11 Very well said Coy👏
    I also hope Thor doesn’t die anytime soon. 😅

    • SamuraiBeluga says:

      @Super Comiks some people just can never be satisfied. they will always try their best to find the negative angle of things and ultimately thats their problem. dont let their negativity bring you down with them, they chose to be in the bottom, you dont have to go there aswell. enjoy the things you like and fuck what anyone else thinks.

    • Super Comiks says:

      @Sarah bo what do you mean? What standards do people have for movies these days? Do you want it to show the ENTIRE movie to you cuz we will have to wait a few months for that. It is a TRAILER. It isn’t supposed to reveal that much.

    • Sarah bo says:

      trailer looks bad but lets see

    • Antonio Gami says:

      @CNgotham He wasn’t playing Fortnite, Korg was. And those weren’t just jokes. You could see that the more jokes he made the more sad he got. He was hiding his pain.

    • CNgotham says:

      @Elias gonzalez gorr wasn’t shown in the trailer relax.

  2. Devin McKay says:

    I’m interested to see how Thor’s opinion of himself and his worthiness is challenged when he sees Jane again, only now, she’s given everything that he assumed represented worthiness. Especially at his lowest point, that could potentially be something that pulls him back into his insecurity. Also, knowing how Chris plays Thor, he may be super cool with it. He accepted Valkyrie, why should Jane be any different.

    • MegaDudeman21 says:

      I think Vision could lift it because of the Infinity Stone in his forehead.

    • Antonio Gami says:

      @CNgotham Then he will become the next Thanos. The next Avengers level threat.

    • CNgotham says:

      @Antonio Gami what happens if the baby was radiation like hulk and was a hulk Baby with the hammer? Little Dude would be unstoppable.

    • Antonio Gami says:

      @CNgotham Basically yeah. But babies aren’t stronge enough so they could just move it a little.

    • CNgotham says:

      @Tyrone Jones it’s MCU even their bad movies usually do decent lol. Although this movie looks better then alot of the MCU movies.

  3. Orion says:

    I love this teaser! A good teaser and we don’t see the MCU do too many of those. I like Thor, seeing the Guardians and Foster as Mighty Thor looks badass. Can’t wait to see Bale as Gorr! Getting the vibes of Ragnarok here and I love it! Great reaction guys!🙏

  4. Dark Jedi Knight says:

    THANK THE NORSE GODS THAT FINALLY THE TRAILER HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!! Natalie Portman looks freaking amazing as Thor. And I hope we get an awesome new rock playlist that can rival James Gunn’s playlists.

  5. Jaq Attaq5 says:

    I’m a huge fan of how Starlord and Thor look in this new movie, and releasing in July!? I thought it was gonna be in November, but I’m not complaining!

  6. TGDM Show says:

    Finally the reaction is here. So long did we wait and I have to say that the hype is REAL. I’ve already watched the teaser multiple times taking a closer look at all the things and just overall enjoying it. The Music, the visuals, all the different scenes got me even more hyped than I was before. I really hope that in the next couple of weeks we will get the Gorr reveal we are waiting for. And because of the happy atmosphere in this trailer, I really hope for a complete change of setting in the reveal, just showing what we can expect.

  7. c00zy says:

    ​The part where Peter says look into the eyes of the people you love hits different since we know that somebody will die in volume 3 of guardians.

    • CNgotham says:

      @Rodrigo Peña that Loki has the same feeling and memories. Besides he still loved Loki in the first avengers which that Loki is from. And theres the Valkyrie he loves. And because he hasn’t seen hulk for a bit or the other avengers doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them lol. Saying he has absolutely no one he loves is a bit dramatic. And he absolutely loves his people. It’s one of the reasons he suffers is the lost of alot of his people. Don’t get me wrong this Thor has lost a shit ton and is searching himself. but he still loved a good amount of people.

    • Rodrigo Peña says:

      @CNgotham The Loki that Thor knew and loved died. The relationship he has with Clint is practically non-existent and he has no contact with Banner/Hulk. His people? Na, we are talking about intimate loved ones, besides Thor left them in Endgame…

    • CNgotham says:

      @Rodrigo Peña I wouldn’t say that. I think he loves alot of his best friend’s in the avengers plus his people and Loki is still alive out their Thor just doesn’t know yet.

    • CNgotham says:

      Like ever movie Peter has to deal with someone dying. This time it’s going to be drax and maybe 1 other person. Apparently gamera is coming back though.

  8. Frank Dx says:

    Man Taika is killing it for this movie, i love how the color looks different than Ragnarok! I can’t wait to see Gorr and his Necrosword🔥

  9. AND7EW says:

    Loki’s last words to Thor were ” Sun will shine on us again” and in this teaser the Sun is shining in almost every frame!!

    • CNgotham says:

      @Smiley I was agreeing with you that Loki wouldn’t be smiling with Thor in the sunshine cause he’s not really dead is what I’m saying.

    • Smiley says:

      @CNgotham I never said he wasn’t alive. I said I’m hes not in the movie

    • CNgotham says:

      @Smiley plus Loki kinda saved himself in a way. I know it’s a variety kinda but he literally knows everything the dead Loki knows and acts like that Loki. So to me the same Loki is kind of alive still.

    • Kyrø says:

      @Smiley Oh believe me, im not a marvel fan, I like marvel but I’m a sucker for dc way more than marvel, I only came here for my favourite marvel superhero: thor. I dunno, it doesn’t make sense but its kind of touching if you don’t put your nerd glasses on for a second

    • Smiley says:

      @Kyrø except he’s not. Loki’s not in the movie. I get what he was trying to say, but it didn’t make any sense and wasn’t what marvel was going for. Marvel fans these days grasp at straws too much

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