Simulating War On The Moon In Minecraft

Simulating War On The Moon In Minecraft


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29 Responses

  1. Socksfor1 says:

    subscribe or ill suck ur toes

  2. Okay Bro says:

    I am actually glad that socks and his team are leaning into more of an older audience with their jokes 🗿👍

  3. mr banana da banana man says:

    The ending was the biggest plot twist ive ever seen. Beautiful

  4. Captain Delta Editz says:

    Biggest plot twist ever . Socks production is goated

  5. primal lightning says:

    I love how Blaza gave such inspirational motivational speeches

  6. AstroFanta says:

    socks i just want to say. never give up dude. ur like one of the only minecraft creators who dont just pump out garbage slop. your videos actually have effort and thats something big. good job.

  7. Pyrobutbad says:

    glad joocie can finally be with his kind 🙂

  8. Nfl FeildBattles says:

    Socks you are such a amazing and inspiring youtuber idk what we would do without you

  9. Demondynasty25 says:

    Yall so lucky your able to do this,I’d love to be apart of one of these videos

  10. De'moni Cole says:

    Socks starting to be consistent on his 1st channel w mans

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