CM Punk IS BACK! See the epic Survivor Series return: Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 highlights

CM Punk IS BACK! See the epic Survivor Series return: Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 highlights

Former WWE Champion CM Punk sends the WWE Universe into a frenzy with a stunning return at Survivor Series: WarGames. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #SurvivorSeries
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36 Responses

  1. RaidAway says:

    I actually can’t believe this timeline is real. CM Punk is back in WWE.

  2. Dagarloni says:

    I flew in from Dallas to Chicago for this PLE, and the City of Chicago and its passionate wrestling community did NOT disappoint. Seeing people in my section high-five each other, hug each other, and give expletive-laced reactions during Punk’s return are things I’ll always remember and why I love this as a fan.

    • Quinton Logan says:

      My neighbors legit called on me and my brother we were going insane he left when we were in high school as seniors now he’s back and I marked out like a little kid I didn’t care

    • Roman Johnson says:

      Two sports that never meant to be for cm punk are wrestling and mma. He sucks at both. He should get a job with Fox News or cnn better choice for him

    • JoolsMacGrools says:

      ​@Roman Johnsoncry some more, why don’t you? 🤣

  3. Rock Norris says:

    Not a lot of people can have an epic return to the ring in their lives. Punk’s had two now. And to see him and HHH share a dopey selfie moment backstage actually is a bit heartwarming in a weird way.

  4. Kemura John says:

    When his theme started playing, it feels like we’re in a different dimension. Absolutely unreal

  5. Duverley López says:

    Fue una noche maravillosa, regresÓ Randy Orton y regresó CM Punk, SIMPLEMENTE UNA NOCHE ÉPICA E INOLVIDABLE!!!!

  6. xTheVortexKnightx says:

    I never thought I would see the day that CM Punk walks down a WWE ramp again. Moments like these are what make wrestling special, this is why I’m a wrestling fan man. Welcome Home Punk!

  7. UnrealEntGaming says:

    Love him or Hate him, you know for a fact that the next couple of months going into Wrestlemania are going to be worth while!

  8. Jesterr says:

    I remember the Attitude Era, and Punk is really the only guy in the business that gets a comparable reaction to the ones those guys got. Love him or hate him, he creates excitement on a level that no one else today can. WWE has several that are capable of getting to that level, but they need someone like Punk to work with. He doesn’t need to go undefeated for four years like Roman to stay over, because he is so ever that he isn’t damaged by losing. This gives the current crop of guys a true star to pick up a win over when the occasion calls for it, and get themselves up to that level. Punk is really the only guy left that is capable of getting them there.

    • Qui Gon Jack says:

      La knight now gets those pops too but that’s only more recent

    • Cobreloa LP says:

      ​@QuiGonJack10 there are many who got that level of hype. Rusev is just another name, but no one could maintain that level of hype for over a decade since punk

    • Jerry Adams says:

      Cm punk is so over he isn’t damaged by losing .. I agree.. but let’s be real does Phil Brooks agree with that?? He walked around like he owned Collision he’s gonna zero control in WWE .. I’m a huge fan but I’m. Skeptical

    • Project Hallway TV says:

      @Qui Gon Jackno he doesn’t please stop

  9. Da Rina says:

    2023 is definitely a great year for wrestling fans. What a time to be alive.

  10. meruto619 says:

    Es como un momento perdido en el tiempo, separado de todas las historias de que estaban ocurriendo en WWE, algo que lo cambia todo por completo

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