SKIBIDI TOILET UPRISING, TV MAN POWERS!? – Episode 60 ALL SECRETS & Easter Egg Analysis Theory

SKIBIDI TOILET UPRISING, TV MAN POWERS!? – Episode 60 ALL SECRETS & Easter Egg Analysis Theory

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SKIBIDI TOILET UPRISING, TV MAN POWERS!? – Episode 60 ALL SECRETS & Easter Egg Analysis Theory

In today’s video we’ll be looking into the new skibidi toilet episode and find out every secret, easter egg & tell you all about the new theories and analyze every frame of the new skibidi toilet episode!

The video was created for entertainment purposes, and does not want to offend anyone.


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31 Responses

  1. Caz0gamz says:

    I thought episode 57 was going to be the most intense episode. I guess I was wrong. I think the future episodes will be much crazier

  2. AverageHypixelEnjoyer says:

    Just realized, the betray signs seemed to make people think Titan cameraman was gonna betray, but in episode 60 we finally found the betrayal we have been waiting for.

  3. Thefan says:

    I think we’re forgetting that if the alliance has different factions as allies like speakerman and tv men then maybe the toilets have different kinds of them the ones we saw try to kill Gman were the astro toilets and there’s probably more of them

  4. GODZILIVER CT-2006 says:

    Respect for the 2 cameraman that sacrificed their life for everyone to spy on gman

  5. Enigma says:

    Great video Elitecameraman!

    I also have a theory to share. I think that the Astro Toilets (aka the ufo and other flying toilet) are a different species of Skibidi toilets from a different planet or galaxy. They are definitely not one of scientist Skibidi’s inventions, as they are way more advanced in terms of technology whilst the scientist’s upgrades are usually outlandish looking. You can also tell by their helmets that they seem to wear to maybe signify that they are their own species. It would also explain the sign in episode 58 that said something like “there are new species”. Other signs such as the “Betrayal” sign in episode 57, and the “They will come” sign in episode 55 could be referring to the Astro Toilets. I also believe that there is a mothership for the Astro Toilets, which could possibly be the biggest threat we’ve ever seen, which could cause the alliance and the toilets to team up against it so the world doesn’t get destroyed.

  6. Mr. Derp says:

    Another thing to note is the description of episode 60 says “astro toilets are mad on g-toilet’s failures” which not only confirms this theory, but also tells us that there are different classes of toilets. The UFO toilet and the other toilet trying to betray g-toilet in this episode both have spinning circular objects that give them the power of flight, so we can assume toilets with these spinning metal things are also going to be referred to as astro toilets aswell.

  7. Zed da gamer says:

    Press F to pay respect for the cameramans that sacrificed themselves

  8. Yiming says:

    From what I can tell, astro toilets are like specialist toilets, they can fly without jet packs while also being able to teleport. Each one having their own special abilities. However, their size doesn’t seem to be very big

    Skibidi toilets, are the first species of toilets, they cant fly unless they have a jet pack. But to counter that, they can make different variations very quickly and then replicate that variation. The skibidi toilet’s can also change their size

  9. Will Lux says:

    I’ve actually been waiting for this all day; this was a really interesting episode and I was ready to hear your take.

  10. efe says:

    This episode also shows that Titan cameraman is the official leader of The Alliance. Every other hardware head including the titan speakerman is waiting for an order from him.

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