I Tried Every Fast Food Burger In America

I Tried Every Fast Food Burger In America

Two chefs, the most iconic burgers in America. We will use this knowledge as power for the PEOPLE, to create the greatest homemade burger that there is.

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28 Responses

  1. Antomin says:

    As a non American, its crazy to me, how many different fastfood stops there are.

  2. Atoms Phere says:

    It feels like it’s been forever since Weissman just made a cooking video for something I wanna try to cook.

  3. iLoveLeatherNYC says:

    Christian is the perfect balance for you, naturally funny and serious about the food stuffs – – – do more content with him.

  4. Experge Faction says:

    I’m surprised A&W wasn’t on this list. They have like 600 locations across the US, and is the oldest restaurant chain. Would have been interested to hear your opinion compared to some of the others.

    • Mike Manfrin says:

      god that in-house made root beer is worth it alone

    • cami says:

      They pretty much removed all the ones from California 🙁 I make it a special point to stop if I see one to pick up their rootbeer floats or cheese curds. I believe there’s one on the way from LA to Vegas and one from LA to Grand Canyon.

  5. Draco Warrior says:

    I have been eating steak and shake’s burgers for years and I am not surprised that they are rated so highly. I’ve waited like half an hour in the drive through after a late shift because they have like one cook at 10pm for their garlic lover’s burger and it always hits my exhausted heart like no other options I have does.

    • Patrick Davis says:

      I’ve never had a meal at steak and shake take fewer than an hour to get through. I guess they must prioritize the drive-thru because the sit down part is slow as shit. Worth it though for what you get!

  6. Ty Hoover says:

    Josh probably just saved steak and shake from bankruptcy 😂

  7. One Who Dares says:

    I love how they made rules and after that were like ‘it is too culturally significant, so what if it isn’t following rules?”

  8. borbetomagus says:

    I wish you could have added Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, since they have location in most states (including California). Your final result looks a lot like theirs (lacey smash burger with onion, long cut pickles, etc), plus they might make the best fries in the business (extra thin shoestring cut). If Freddy’s cooked them in beef tallow, then they would be the best fries. Of course, some prefer different potato cuts, but differentiating the flavor with beef tallow (or some other cooking oil) really amps up the experience.

  9. Raspy978 says:

    Thank you for putting Wendy’s up so high. I feel like they don’t get enough respect ✊💯

  10. Flame Hicks says:

    I’m SHOCKED at the winner, and this was a lot of fun. The best taco next??

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