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Team USA defeated Slovenia, 92-62 today, in the USA Basketball Showcase. Tyrese Haliburton led team USA with 10 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds as Anthony Edwards (15 points, 4 rebounds) and Jalen Brunson (11 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds) totaled 26 points in the win. Luka Doncic was held out of the game for Slovenia as a precautionary measure.

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51 Responses

  1. JakeG says:

    This team USA team is moving the ball extremely well and playing incredible defense

    • Tegridy Farms says:

      A team full of unselfish players

    • hileute45 sd says:

      the first quarter they couldnt get a basket
      while not rly defending

    • Brandon Mitchell says:

      They could move the ball sooo much better, especially the starting point guard. Brunson doesn’t look to pass most of the time. Also, Ant handling the ball that much shouldn’t be a thing. They look ok. They have no rim defense for bigger bodies than jjj.

    • Cesar Ramirez says:

      They playing for their country unlike the woman’s soccer team lol

  2. Jay Philly says:

    I am impressed by Austin Reaves. His game has improved tremendously. Lakers sure found a diamond in the rough.

  3. J K says:

    Brunson’s court generalship, Ingram’s ability to score from anywhere almost at will, Ant’s 2-way intensity, Jackson’s rim protection, versatility from Bridges Halliburton Reaves and Banchero… this team is super tough all around. As usual, we’ll be expecting Gold

  4. Casey Hayes says:

    With unselfish elite pgs Brunson and Haliburton always having the ball surrounded with this much talent, coached by Kerr…pretty scary offensively. A hot shooting team might be able to hang with them and expose some defensive lapses but I can’t see anybody stopping the offense.

    • Ishyameru says:

      Did you see that last double ball fake from tyrese 🤦🏾‍♂️ I love that kind of basketball, it’s better than a dunk

    • Ilkhan Shaolin says:

      Brunson is good not elite don’t get carried away by including hyloburton neither of them are even all stars

    • JJ47k says:

      ​@IlkhanShaolin Learn how to spell and being an all star is not the measuring stick to being elite when you have fans voting..but I guess your waiting for the media to co sign it because if they said those players were elite, starting tomorrow you would accept it.

    • Luke The Cuber says:

      @Ilkhan Shaolinhaliburton was an all star this year lol

  5. Brian Higgins says:

    this team looks like it was built with thought instead of just taking the best players and throwing them out there. these guys all have skill sets that compliment each other and there’s a good mix of playmakers, scorers, and defenders

    • Keedz Live says:

      Facts, I saw so many people complaining before the games started saying this team was mid but it’s actually built with depth and talent

    • Brian Higgins says:

      @Keedz Live they share the ball too nobody’s out here playing iso/hero ball which can kill u when the europeans start moving the ball like crazy and knocking down 3s

    • Yourmotherstepson says:

      Yeah all of these guys are great role players. There isn’t on guy that is the first option of their respective team. Fundamentals win the game not force feeding the popular name.

    • Ozz says:

      Brilliant move telling Trae young “no thanks” no space for ball dominant little pylons with average 3 point shooting.

    • Flashhed Plug says:

      @Keedz Liveplus non of them have any drama and media nonsense going on they came to ball and win

  6. Jing Qi says:

    The USA talent pool is deep. Sure, the world is getting better and more and more foreign players are playing in the NBA but no country has the amount of excellent players the USA does.

    • Noey Mo says:

      Point blank period!!!

    • Kuroganemk2 says:

      It has been like that for a while, USA has more talent but Europe had better team play.

    • jules peeters says:

      I can see canada beating usa tough in the word cup, olympics is different case

    • Trafalgar D Water Law says:

      @Kuroganemk2they have better team play cause they’ve been playing together for far longer. USA puts their team together a few weeks before the tournament. A lot of these national teams have been playing together for years every summer

  7. PG 13PACERNATION says:

    This US team has everything. They are young, explosive, can run in transition & most importantly play great D.

    • John Wick says:

      No most importantly this team seems to play with intensity and play seriously when USA plays like that wether they got their A team or C team they beat everyone

    • Alen Zmaj says:

      ​@John WickThis is more Usa C team like u say and Slovenia almost have amateurs…

    • Benjamin Acosta says:

      Sounds like a Steve Kerr coached WARRIORS team. 😅

    • Rapey D. Duct Tapey says:

      Sounds like people been sleep on my man Ant on Defense. Averaging 15 PPG (Leading Team) while shooting 52% on FG + 3.5 SPG (he actually finished 2nd in the NBA in Total Steals) + 1.0 BPG (he was 3rd in the NBA in Total Blocks by a Guard) + 3.0 RPG + 2.5 APG aren’t bad #’s considering he’s only playing 1/2 of the game…

  8. Dre says:

    Anthony Edwards is one of the youngest on the team but he’s the best player, he’s an elite 2 way player that can score on all 3 levels, and is a highlight machine i love his game🔥📸

  9. Makaryo Iskaryote says:

    Ant becoming a legit two-way player is scary. He’s a good help defender coz of his athleticism but him becoming an elite on-ball defender spells trouble for the league.

    • ApexFortified23 says:

      Has dat Jimmy butler dawg in him too

    • Devin Brooks says:

      And he’s put on some muscle during the off season. You can tell he been working. He just look different. I mean he’s always been good, but you can tell he gone be one of them!

    • Elden Wolf Lord says:

      Anyone that knows anything about the nba knows Ant is a terrible off ball defender. Is above average at on ball, but in clutch moments or end of games can be elite on ball. Do research before making false statements.

    • Craig Sutherlin says:

      @Elden Wolf Lord you didn’t understand what he said learn to read

  10. Anton says:

    Might mess around and be one of the better USA teams we’ve seen chemistry wise. They played the best European style basketball out of them all. This team has players who are truly tough not divas. If you mix athleticism with a European sense of style this is what you get. I am truly impressed, and I feel this team is being truly coached because they are young.

    (Edit) Also, Bobby Portis is the best addition they could’ve added to this team. He may average 6-9 points but his style is much needed and will make Jaren an animal with no complaints in this coming season. It’s like a “If I gotta come into this game because you’re f’ing up, we have problems” type vibe.

    • Mambas Nest Entertainment LLC says:

      we dont play euro style

    • Anton says:

      Moving the ball and fundamentals is definitely and playing through contact with no complaints because it’s normal, cutting and finding a third and forth option, no over dribbling, tough defense, and pushing the pace, a true guard not necessarily looking for points, sets that break down into another play instead of ISO ball, everyone in the passing lanes not just 1 or 2 people is 100% Euro Ball. Previous American style teams played off talent and individual strength and athleticism. This team felt like an actual team not just all stars making it work. Team USA got beat by Puerto Rico a few years ago because of divas. Steve Kerr and the Warriors have played Euro ball for years and have one Championships because of it.

    • Dennis HALEY says:

      Gotta have a thug on the team. Rambis, Mahorn type player.

    • Iron.kitsune3000 says:

      ​@Mambas Nest Entertainment LLCwould probably be more fun to watch (for me at least) if we did.

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