No. 15 Louisville Cardinals vs. USC Trojans Highlights | CFB on FOX

No. 15 Louisville Cardinals vs. USC Trojans Highlights | CFB on FOX

Check out the best moments from the Holiday Bowl as the No. 15 Louisville Cardinals took on the USC Trojans.

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No. 15 Louisville Cardinals vs. USC Trojans Highlights | CFB on FOX


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41 Responses

  1. @CFBonFOX says:

    What did the outcome say about both teams?

  2. @kieransadauski6417 says:

    USC fan here. As disappointing as this season may have ended for Trojan faithful, MAN did this win taste sweet✌️✌️💪💪

  3. @zack7736 says:

    If Lincoln could build a defense USC would be pretty scary

    • @alostcause4035 says:

      If Lincoln could build a defense has been the same quote his entire carrer. Hes clearly uninterested. One of many reasons he ran as fast as he could to the pac 12 the exact moment he heard ou was going to the sec.

    • @carsonmontz4232 says:

      He clearly cant. And yall will not be making those late passes and catches in the big ten…. Louisville is bad

    • @Gk54493 says:

      @@carsonmontz4232Stop acting like the big ten is just so scary and dominant lol it’s not the sec. The big ten is literally 2 teams: Ohio state and Michigan (and sometimes Penn state). That’s it.

    • @multimidnight13 says:

      Bro, the defenses in the big 10 are WAY better than pac 12. You might want to rethink about what you said.​@@Gk54493

    • @bladeneo7420 says:

      ​@@Gk54493🤣🤣🤣 USC is small on both sides of the line. USC will not be making 30 and 40 yard bombs in the Big ten big 10 excels at taking away big play that’s not going to happen. USC is not built for the big 10 360 yd to a Louisville team over 220 yards. Rushing Big ten’s about to have a field day with that. Not Even 100 yd rushing the ball USC is one dimensional big ten is going to eat USC alive.

  4. @stonew1927 says:

    A bit of a disappointing season for USC. Great to end on a good note. Something positive to take into the next season, especially Moss as their potential qb.

  5. @RafiAnsari-jw8mt says:

    USC offense will continue just fine with Miller Moss

  6. @NickMac91 says:

    Miller Moss has a promising future at SC, and hard to think we havent won a bowl game since the 2017 Rose Bowl. FIGHT ON.

  7. @judiwelch7053 says:

    Happy for Miller Moss. His patience paid off ! Fight On !

  8. @user-rz5ri7mb8f says:

    Way to go Louisville!! That was awesome!! Losing to a 7-5 unranked opponent!!

  9. @efardette says:

    Louisville got Moss’d. This was a nice win and a nice way to finish an otherwise disappointing season. As a lifelong Trojans fan and USC grad, I say FightOn!

  10. @PTdoubleOT says:

    Thought Louisville was about to make it a game with that easy fourth down walk in TD. Then I remembered there QB is Jack Plummer.

    • @mackdaddypeypey1 says:

      Facts. Acc and fsu overrated asf. While uga bama played fsu played Louisville 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Weak

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