SMG4: Goodbye, SMG4

SMG4: Goodbye, SMG4

Mario has to say goodbye to his longtime friend…

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30 Responses

  1. SMG4 says:

    see you all for WOTFI 2022 on October 15th
    CATCH UP on the Lawsuit Arc here 👉

  2. RTD Productions [Game Developer] says:

    Seriously… how does this series manage to give it’s depressing story arcs such happy endings _and_ still call itself a comedy series? 😂

  3. Jacqueline Pires says:

    I like how smg4 can make very sad titles/openings but still finds a way to turn it around and make it funny and/or wholesome

  4. Renderry says:

    This deserves to be #3 on trending!! SMG4 puts so much emotion in his arcs and it is amazing. Don’t worry SMG4, we’re with you. All the way. We won’t just leave.

  5. Lucas Guerrant says:

    Every episode of this arch makes me feel like the channel is ending but at the same time I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

    • Arthur_Here says:

      SMG4 is in Australia, where Nintendo parodies are fine, which is why this channel wasn’t taken down after the first month of its existence

  6. GalacticHunter says:

    WOTFI 2022 here we come! I’ll never get tired of story development. I think what SMG4 has done with this arc so far has been well executed. Got the drama, got the funny. Good mix after how dark the previous two arcs were

  7. Abby Roach says:

    Now, this is SMG4 at his most heartfelt. The other moments do count as well, but this really gets into what it is like to miss something then get it back. The scenes where Mario ends up is amazing and the fight scene is totally candied to enjoy. And seeing everyone again, I give that a 10/10. I’m excited to see what the WOTFI 2022 will contain since it’s coming! CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

    • noname321 says:

      @Phantom yeah me too. It was OK, but I think they should’ve given it at least a 1 episode gap before doing this, as it just gets rid of all the tension and makes it feel more like the youtube arc all over again, extremely disappointing.

      I also think they should’ve had a death aftermath scene at the start, and given Meggy’s return a bit more spotlight (like having her actually appear, in front of Mario and then his reaction.)

    • Phantom says:

      Ngl I really didn’t like this episode. It completely makes the last video pointless. The last episode was being really dramatic and making a big deal about everyone dying the whole episode, but now they’re all just back from the dead?

    • Liam Silkey says:

      How is phozix right still alive

    • I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me says:

      SMG4 commented my video!

    • Christine Farag says:


  8. EndersGame97 says:

    SMG4 this is some amazing work. I absolutely love all the work that you and your team have done with evolving your animation from how it was over a decade ago to where it is now. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Little Devil says:

    This is like Infinity War all over again. We knew this wasn’t the end, yet they still managed to get an impact out of us

  10. Anne Smith says:

    looking forward to what comes next in this arc.

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