SPAMTON SWEEPSTAKES – Spamton Value Network

SPAMTON SWEEPSTAKES – Spamton Value Network

Spamton A. Spamton, editing, production direction

Jian Mei “Baaulp” Guan
Spamton B. Spamton, camera

creative direction, editing, graphics

Trent “Trog” West
executive producer, set design

Brandon “Kami” Ha
camera, assistance, best boy grip

mike stimpson
music, graphics, voiceover

Holly Hollowtones
voiceover, consultation

Cody “MasterGir” Littlefield
voiceover, CD commercial

album artwork, arts & crafts, morale

analog post-processing, editing

Erika Sielski
Reid Young
Dan Moore
Charlie Verdin


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45 Responses

  1. Pixelcraftian says:

    _”Are you a single mother? No? Well, you will be soon.”_

    Was thinking the Merch Winner would be multiple people but having just one person being sent every single piece of Deltarune Merch is hilarious lmao. The sweepstakes were amazing!!! Can’t wait for more stuff from you guys because this was THE _[In memoriam of Spamtom A. Spamton]_ video of all time 🙂

  2. OR3O says:

    Frickin terrified
    Literally gonna have nightmares

  3. MegaDork says:

    I can’t believe this was actually just a Wanyeradiotv stream. This was fantastic, and I hope the RTVS crew gets more opportunities for collabs like this!

  4. Jackson holcomb says:

    This feels like two worlds colliding and bringing pure chaos, giving the RTVS crew the steering wheel for this was the best decision in the world

  5. Dark anti says:

    I didn’t expect this at *all* but it was a welcome and horrifying surprise. I’m interested with all of the destroying TV’s talk, seems like some lore stuff

    • Some Tag Guy says:

      @Dark anti we need more based people in the US of A (some country i am not in part of btw) so that AMERICA WILL RISE UP LIKE ONCE AGAIN I GUESS

    • Dark anti says:

      @Some Tag Guy Thank you! I’m really glad that you weren’t acting like a bunch of other people in other comment sections-

    • Some Tag Guy says:

      @Dark anti nah that wasn’t an insult, my honest reaction was mildly suprised when i saw your content but i guess being also a fnaf enjoyer is redpilled
      Oh and you have undertale soul thingies in your banner, we need more gacha tubers to have undertale soul thingies in their banner so that the gacha tubers will be beyond based

    • Dark anti says:

      @Some Tag Guy I can’t tell if you’re trying to insult me or not?

    • Some Tag Guy says:

      Oh wow a gacha youtuber.

      Oh and with a KEL pfp that makes sense

  6. Netherack Squid says:

    I can’t think of another group of creators as good at harnessing the YTP/Internet-surrealist energy that defines spamton as RTVS. It was an amazing surprise to see them here and don’t think anyone could have done it better!

  7. Memelord says:

    that felt like being a kid, sick from fever, and having the tv on during the daytime. excellent job stream guys

    • A Spooky Dude The Kneecap King says:

      Hell yeah, pretty much everything the RTVS crew makes is a fever dream and a half
      Scorpy’s probably the one that contributes most to that vibe though

    • lexander says:

      It’s kinda funny since Toby said he was inspired to make DELTARUNE after a fever dream

    • ZaCloud Animations ♀️ says:

      90s kids & further back club here! (I’m from early 80s myself). Yeeeaaah, that surreal familiarity but magnified.

      Especially when I set a timer for the VCR to tape something late at night or early in the morning (on an old tape that’s been re-re-re-recorded on a dozen times already), except I forgot about stupid DST or whatever, so it missed the show & just got the infomercials before or after. Or my parents forgot & didn’t leave it on the right channel before they later went to bed. Muffled scratchy staticky sellers on Home Shopping Network peddling rings, or dude bragging about how this food-chopping-machine is better than all the other food-chopping-machines, when I wanted transforming robots or a wandering swordsman or CG insect aliens. 😭

      Except at least with this one, it was MADE to be awkward & terrible, & done masterfully! 😆

    • Enzo Veiga says:


    • wolf says:

      i think this has happened to me
      i was dozing off to the tv and when i woke up it was just infomercials , they were like creepy?? they had this weird vibe to them that creeped me tf out
      but all i heard was blabbering and i couldnt make out anything ,it was all blurry
      eventually i
      wentto sleep

  8. Massimo Tavani says:

    It’s amazing how Toby thought barely anyone else would like him. Made me laugh a ton this was a real treat.

  9. mossfish says:

    genuinely so stoked for the rtvs crew for pulling this off. i can’t think of any creators that fit more perfectly as the host of something like this. toby fox and rtvs humor goes hand in hand in my mind and seeing them intertwine like this makes me so insanely giddy

  10. i-win says:

    RIP Spamton A. Spamton. You will be missed.

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