SPOILERS 🚨 The Thirteenth Doctor Regenerates | The Power of the Doctor | Doctor Who

SPOILERS 🚨 The Thirteenth Doctor Regenerates | The Power of the Doctor | Doctor Who

Watch the regeneration of the Thirteenth Doctor… 🔥 #DoctorWho
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41 Responses

  1. Katie369 says:

    The fact that the first thing he says after the regeneration is “I know these teeth…” is SUCH a good callback to the first thing he said after going from 9 to 10, “new teeth, that’s weird…”

  2. WumbotheWombat says:

    I love that callback of “I know those teeth.” It shows that it isn’t just the appearance of Ten that’s come back, it’s *all* of him. His first instinct upon regenerating is the exact same as it was all those years ago—check his teeth, for whatever reason. Idk, I just find that so endearing

  3. Harldin says:

    David Tennant smashes the record for the most regeneration scenes in Dr Who, from Eccleston, from and to himself (creating the Metacrises Dr in the process), to Smith and from Whittaker.

    • haroldgrissen92 says:

      @Van Lyndel Tolentino Watch Power of the Doctor, then you’ll get it. If you are too curious and can’t wait: read on, but be warned: MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR POWER OF THE DOCTOR:

      From Capaldi to Whittaker (1), Whittaker to Master-Doctor (2), Master-Doctor to Whittaker (3), Whittaker to Tennant(4).

      Same as Tennant, also 4:
      Eccleston to Tennant (1), Tennant to Tennant (2), Tennant to Smith (3), Whittaker to Tennant (4).

      Although that is the record now. Depending on how the 60th goes it could be that Tennant reaches 5: Tennant to Gatwa(5).
      Get it now? 🙂

    • Van Lyndel Tolentino says:

      @haroldgrissen92 I don’t understand how that explains Whittaker’s 4 regenerations, per Michael Philips.🤨

    • haroldgrissen92 says:

      @Van Lyndel Tolentino 4 regenerations, same as Tennant. Eccleston to Tennant, Tennant to Tennant, Tennant to Smith and now Whittaker to Tennant. Though he could potentially reach 5 with Tennant to Gatwa, but that all depends on how the next special plays out and how the baton is passed on to Gatwa, haha

    • Van Lyndel Tolentino says:

      @haroldgrissen92 Michael Philips said Whittaker reached 4. What does that mean?

    • haroldgrissen92 says:

      @Van Lyndel Tolentino Have you seen Power of the Doctor yet? If not: MAJOR SPOILERS!!!:

      BUT…: from Capaldi to Whittaker, from Whittaker to the Master-Doctor, from the Master-Doctor to Whittaker, from Whittaker to Tennant.

  4. Floatinjellies says:

    I remember reading someone say that the maturation of the Doctor can be seen in their regenerations. Where they once were scared of death, they now just wish to have more time as themselves. Whittaker’s Doctor had such a love for seeing the universe, I’m so glad her optimism shined even in her final words. 🙂

    • SWALLOW WOW💫💞 says:

      1, Que Hanga talaga UPskirt.Host ako sa sipag at tiyaga nga dalawang binibining ito!💞 ❤️ ️ Ito ang hinihinta… Baca selengkapnya…

    • TheGuardianofAzarath says:

      It’s just a shame the show’s writers did such a poor job with her run overall.

  5. Timeworks says:

    really awesome regeneration!!! short and sweet, and looks so cool!! im also super confused lol but thats pretty common with this show

  6. Max Field says:

    After watching the last few regenerations in sequence, it is cool to see that there’s been some consistent growth in the Doctor’s attitude towards it. from 10’s “I don’t wanna go” to 11’s sad acceptance of it, then 12 giving a lesson to his future self, and now 13 is more like “alright, bring it on, let me just get to a nice view first”

  7. Ghostsurfer421 says:

    “Tag, you’re it” is honestly a really great final line for a Doctor to have. I also sincerely hope they address how this is the second time the Doctor’s clothes changed during regeneration.

    • RemingtonRyder says:

      Isn’t a better question, how does one outfit last through their entire journey? Does the TARDIS just have six pristine copies of it in the wardrobe for all the other days of the week?

    • Xudmud says:

      Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, clearly.

    • Darius T says:

      Lame. Just because they didn’t know how, or chose not to, explain 3rd doctors new clothes doesn’t mean they are allowed to just do it now, especially since every doctor since then didn’t have their clothes regenerate. Whatever, the writing on this show has suffered SO much in recent years, it just doesn’t matter at this point why his clothes changed. The new writers will figure something out and we’ll all just say “oh, ok”. Lame. And Tennent? Loved him but also lame he is apparently back. Ratings grab. Maybe, I don’t know, improve the writing and stop with the woke nonsense? Let the hateful comments commence, because you know I’m right.

    • Ghostsurfer421 says:

      @the_kovic Patrick Troughton came complete with a new costume, since they hadn’t worked out the rules of regeneration yet. Moffat said he almost put an explanation for it in Twice Upon a Time since it was about the First Doctor regenerating but chose not to.

  8. Apocryphal Dude says:

    This is who the writers should have let her be all her turn. Undercurrents of profound pain but with actual joy and hope. Such hyphenated emotion so sublime to approximate a near-immortal being.

    That was new and good and she was perfect in that scene.

  9. Alfie Leyshon says:

    my dad and he got me to start watching doctor who YEARS ago. Sadly my dad recently passed away and my mum did a long time ago. David Tennant was my mums and my dads favourite doctor so seeing him again truly makes me smile. I hope they both saw it wherever they are.

    • LeslieJamesByrne97 says:

      They’ll always be with you my dude I’m the same my grandmother adored david Tennant so you and me are both on the same page they’ll be watching it with us beyond the grave

    • Bobble Bardsley says:

      I hope so too. I’ll bet they’d be happy you’re still watching it with them.

  10. shokuwarrior says:

    I was 14 in December 2005 when The Christmas Invasion first aired and I instantly adored David Tennant’s Doctor… fast forward and I’m now 31 and giddy with excitement that he is back as the Doctor 😊

    • Adam Aitken says:

      I was 7 in 2005 when he first became the doctor at the end of the parting of the ways and now I’m 24 seeing him return once again

    • Martin Murkin says:

      Don’t get too excited it’s only temporary (for the next special) .. the actual new doctor/ actor takes over next year.

    • KrisKillam says:

      At first I was like “wow what a time gap” then I realized we’re the same age haha

    • Angela says:

      I was 20 months old when the christmas invasion aired 😅 he still was my first doctor though my cousin showed him to me when i was 5 and i’ve been hooked since now i am 18 years old and i look forward to seeing David Tennant as the doctor again

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