SpongeBob VS Aquaman (Nickelodeon VS Super Friends) | DEATH BATTLE!

SpongeBob VS Aquaman (Nickelodeon VS Super Friends) | DEATH BATTLE!

Prepare for nautical nonsense as SpongeBob SquarePants battle Aquaman!
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31 Responses

  1. AreaEightyNine says:

    I’m ecstatic with the outcome but I honestly wasn’t expecting to get hit in the feels with it either. Much love to Aquaman 💛


    I feel like this wasn’t a battle, it was more like a showcase of how absolutely insane SpongeBob is.

  3. Super60429 says:

    1:05 Episode begins
    1:48 SpongeBob SquarePants
    8:06 Aquaman from Super Friends
    14:48 DEATH BATTLE!
    18:24 Result
    21:52 Next episode preview

  4. Renaldo900gamer says:

    This battle was really funny and awesome, but that part where SpongeBob made the memorial for Aquaman almost made me cry. This death battle was a really wholesome one

  5. Ember the Fox says:

    I was expecting this to go like Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie, where they ended up being friends and the fight would end without a kill. Aquaman ended up forcing SpongeBob’s hand though, and we ended up having the most emotional death battle episode ever. Legitimately had me on the brink of tears at the end.

  6. Red says:

    The speech spongebob gave to aquaman is very heartfelt and generally gave me the motivation to get up a do my best at what I’m terrible at and keeping trying until people start recognizing the things do.

    • Jaye Chen says:

      @Xavier Delone I agree with you

    • Devin Sethna says:

      ​@Donald Duck #SaveRussia not outerversal, but definitely universal. That string feat he did affected a UNIVERSE. While that is still amazingly impressive (Especially for a character like SpongeBob), it is still ultimately only one universe. An outerversal feat would imply that all of existence was affected, meaning infinite universes. An example of an outerversal feat would be like how Zatanna restored the DC multiverse after Pralaya destroyed it (Mentioned in her Death Battle episode). This feat is outerversal because it restored not just one universe, but an infinite amount of them, whereas SpongeBob affected only one. Again still impressive, but not exactly outerversal. Hope that clears things up. Have a good one 👍

    • MrReyes 500 says:

      @Carlos Blanco Nope, Spongebob won and killed Aquaman. Deal with it, child.

    • Adam Bass says:

      This is lame bad big time

    • Xavier Delone says:

      This is why this is the best death battle of the season 😔✊

  7. mỹ hân huỳnh says:

    I love how defeated Wiz is in this episode to the point he legit says “it’s our fastest calculable speed feat, BY A DAMN SPONGE”

  8. SMToon World says:

    *I can’t believe how badass that “I’M READY!” sounded*

  9. Pamela Paull-Tweed says:

    I like how Wiz goes from roasting Spongebob to being fascinated by him and wanted to learn more.

  10. Connar Sullivan says:

    I’m not gonna lie,… I actually cried at the end of this video, seeing SpongeBob draw a tombstone in Aquaman’s honor after regretting to have defeated Aquaman… shows there’s still humanity in that sponge. This video actually showed what made me love SpongeBob in the first place.

    Rest In Peace both Superfriends Aquaman and Steve Hillenburg

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