Starfield in a Nutshell

Starfield in a Nutshell

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40 Responses

  1. Zebrox clips says:

    “I love minors”- a truly motivational quote from modest pelican

  2. Robert John Linder says:

    I was mildly entertained for 11 minutes. Thank you modest pelican gaming.

  3. yassin mohammed says:

    Modest pelican never fails to keep everyone sufficiently hydrated at all times

    • yassin mohammed says:

      I’m gonna ensure that the UN creates a law on protecting majestic pelicans by that it spreads a good word of the channel

  4. Gg Chad says:

    Literally not even 10 seconds and this man is already crackin sex offender jokes now that’s prime pelican gaming

  5. Xander Wild says:

    Modest Pelican never fails to deliver his creamy goodness onto us

  6. Param Virdi says:

    We need the Sons of Virgins, a well hydrated comeback is necessary in these times

  7. Zakaria Islam says:

    Dude is stronger than lizzo’s bedframe

  8. Broken F Key says:

    Not even 10 seconds in and we’re on a watchlist. Thanks Papa Peli

  9. John And Ben Studios says:

    Nothing beats coming home from a long day at school watching modest pelican while drinking a glass of water, staying sufficiently hydrated. Pelicans+water=perfection

  10. TeamSummit says:

    can we appreciate the amount of effort he puts into loving miners

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