Is MLB About To Change The Rules Again?

Is MLB About To Change The Rules Again?

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49 Responses

  1. foolerod man says:

    The more I learn about baseball, the more I feel like I’m watching a lawsuit session where all the players are trying to find loopholes to support their claims. Amazing

    • Drama Llama says:

      An incredible amount of this could be mitigated by simply allowing umpires reasonable discretion to not strictly apply rules where it is manifestly absurd (e.g. when the audience is giving a massive round of applause, which, surprise, may not always be something that should be predicted). Precedents would develop and common sense can be applied.

      But no, American sports can’t stand the idea of asking officials to apply discretion to individual circumstances. The rules have to be a straitjacket rather than a framework.

    • TPotShax says:

      @Drama Llama I would love to live in a world where everyone had the same definition of “common sense” and bad umpires didn’t exist.

    • Wompa Stompa says:

      You know, the more I hear about this baseball thing, the less I care for it.

    • Evil Otto says:

      – play the game
      – game the system
      both are still baseball if baseball existed

  2. Coffee Fresh says:

    We used to not need a rule to force batters in the box, because pitchers can throw when batters step out.

    • Sir Draykobis says:

      no you don’t need any rule , you need a competent runner who doesn’t get distracted 😭

    • Catman-du says:

      Batters used to be able to call time basically anytime they want. That’s why you would rarely see a pitch without a batter in the box

    • GeologyHub says:

      I was about to say the same thing. I’ve struck several batters out and been granted a first strike (after a pitched strike) on batters who were simply taking too long to get in the box, but only after they had already been in the box. This was a decade ago.

    • David Kennedy says:

      the scherzer rule overcomplicates things. pitcher can throw the ball at any time between 8 and 0. done. None of this eye contact nonsense. Batter has 12 seconds to decompress between pitches.

  3. Schwam For Freedom says:

    Making fair and effective rules is hard, but it’s a lot harder when you’re not as smart as the people who play under the rules.

    • Quinn Milliken says:

      “Technology is ruled by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.” -Mike Trout, Putts Law

    • FHL-Devils says:

      – It’s not about ‘being smarter’, it’s about seeing how/what players will do things to try to circumvent, then determine the best adjustment to stay within the spirit of the rule.

    • DSQueenie says:

      A few hundred MLB officials will always be less conniving that literally thousands of MLB players, coaches and staff. That’s just a statistical certainty.

      The competitive sprit means the players will always find a way and the League will always be playing catch-up. However that doesn’t mean the new rules aren’t a good idea.

    • theunwelcome says:

      and rob manfraud could be outsmarted by a leaf

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    I love the challenge idea. The fact that a player or ump could get publicly humiliated on the Jumbotron just makes it better

  5. MondayNYI says:

    Okay, I’m dead serious about this. MLB Network NEEDS to hire this man.

    • Chino Chorizo’s says:

      Like it up

    • lil.Leprechaun says:



      Given other baseball channels issues with copyright of footage and stuff, it probably won’t happen.

      Like, for example, there is this small channel covering Japanese baseball called Gaijin Baseball, the dude had gotten on to one half NPB’s official English streams on Youtube as a commentator. Then they found out he was using their footage in his videos and he was booted off the broadcast, even though everything he did was protected by fair use.

      I don’t know how much difference there is in terms of copyright law, but we may be seeing the same thing here.

    • Dan Dillon says:

      But MLB network doesn’t exist

    • Juan Pablo Ruiz says:

      Yes he is meant to be there

  6. Tommy9834 says:

    Seeing how players are always looking for loopholes, one can understand why hockey (unofficially) allows players to fight as a form of self policing.

    • Estelle Grignon says:

      Baseball with more fighting: this I could stand behind

    • Tommy9834 says:

      @Estelle Grignon I’m not exactly saying that’s what I want, I’m just saying, I understand why hockey does what they do.

    • Russell Chung says:

      Hockey’s self-policing doesn’t involve a 95 mph fastball at someone’s head. That’s not the solution either

    • Smitty says:

      @Russell Chung Have you seen hockey before? You do realize that little hard rubber puck can involve speeds over 100mph while the players move at over 15mph.

    • Russell Chung says:

      @Smitty I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about hockey. But I didn’t know that during their fights they hit the puck at each other. I thought it was just fist-a-cuffs.

  7. brolteon says:

    dont know about the 5inning starter rule…punishing a team whose starter is not having it early in the game by taking out a key piece of their offense pretty much soft kills any chance of a comeback. as much as i like the new rules this year, i think going overboard and adding any more rules in such a short span could drive the players and officials crazy.

    • tcbobb16 says:

      They are killing Baseball!

    • Adam Epp says:

      You can adjust a rule like that to account for pitchers having a bad day (i.e., a pitcher has to either pitch five innings or give up five runs before he can be taken out of a game).

    • A Fuzzy Creature says:

      @Adam Epp its a rule baseball does not need.

    • Nightenstaff says:

      Forcing a starting pitcher to go five innings is insane. There’s no chance that would stick and if by some divine curse it came to pass, it would be the worst change in baseball history.

      I’m for robo-umps though, so maybe my viewpoint isn’t on par with the norm.

    • joe g says:

      ​@Adam Eppwhat if a guy throws 150 pitches in the first inning?

  8. David Greer says:

    That Kenley Jansen-Contreras feud cost me a fantasy baseball week because Jansen eventually lost the game

  9. Brian Banks says:

    the 3 challenges is great..I went to a game last week in the AAA and it took all of 10 seconds to make the call…MLB should institute this immediately because the way the umps are affecting the game is getting ridiculous

  10. Joe N says:

    Curious about this: how much of the rise in ratings/attendance can we attribute to the rule changes, and how much of it is that a number of teams that have been pretty weak in recent history are now contenders, while many large market teams (which already have millions of tickets sold before a pitch is thrown) are having down years? I genuinely don’t know how or if we can quantify that.
    As for the new rules they’re tinkering with in the Atlantic League, I like the idea of a conditional DH, but I really, really dislike the others, good lord.

    • Jon Nuanez says:

      The Padres are having a record year attendance wise because of the lineup and then of course raking in tons of bucks. Yet the team’s record…do we need to talk about that? Same with the Angels-people go to see Shohei, not a good team.

    • Vincent Wendt says:

      @Jon Nuanez The Yankees record wasn’t great this year as well. When Aaron Judge was injured the Yankee’s offense seemed anemic.

    • swagmuffin9000 says:

      Not just that, last year was when restrictions started going away. 2023 was the first full year without them. People waited to get out for a while

    • Deiradinn says:

      Yeah, adding the extra playoff teams help.

    • John-Del says:

      Speaking only for myself, I stopped watching baseball for several reasons years ago and just started watching some games. The biggest reason was the frustration of watching a battery go for a walk after every pitch, scratch his nuts, and adjust his batting gloves half a dozen times. I could not watch the game without having my remote in my hand. If a pitch wasn’t put into play, I would hit the remote and watch something else for 30 seconds to a minute. I finally got tired of it and stopped watching entirely. The pitch clock has helped tremendously. Now, if they could only do something about the home run or strike out metric teams are using…

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