The 3rd Single Album

🎧 2022.07.19 TUE 6PM (KST)

#수민 #시은 #아이사 #세은 #윤 #재이
#Sumin #Sieun #ISA #Seeun #Yoon #J

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22 Responses

  1. Long Bao says:

    you know their song is gonna be a bop when you hear “stayc girls it’s going down!” stayc once again proves that they don’t make bad music!

  2. Username • 15 years ago says:

    This again just proves how talented STAYC is and how genius Black Eyed Pilseung is too. Wow both deadly combo. STAYC each comeback gets better than before.

  3. Rpower246 says:

    STAYC doesn’t have one bad song they’re all just so catchy and amazing in their own way

  4. keipopzin says:

    esse MV ele tá tão bem editado e tão bem feito véi, ele parece aqueles edit que fã faz sabe, ele tá realmente muito MUITO lindo, as cores usadas no vídeo também são muito lindas, tá tudo muito perfeito, ainda mais com essa música que é MUITO a cara do STAYC, tudo tá combinando, as coisas estão um no lado do outro andando na mesma linha, muito obrigado por por isso STAYC!

  5. Jack Laurenc says:

    STAYC nunca nós abandona nos conceitos dos MVS, elas estão perfeitas e ainda voltaram com o “stayc girls is going down!” 💘💘💘

  6. Ren Herrera says:

    Stayc and their music is what the world needs right now, also they’re seriously already becoming such role models for idols-to-be and their fans too. They have good personalities, great music and actual talents.

    • sam ‵‵ サム says:

      @leni c: why are you so mad about it? it isn’t that serious and if you don’t like it then just leave XD groups like gfriend or apink never needed rappers and they were successful anyways. really, trust me that’s not that serious and you don’t have to say the song it’s horrible just because it doesn’t have a rap or if you didn’t like it!! trust me there’s a life out of kpop!

    • leni c: says:

      @sam ‵‵ サム ,the vibe of the song’ doesn’t suit a rap? it does firstly and secondly IF not then go pick a fucking other song honestly they should’ve done that because the songs whack anyway but then no rap on top of that? flopped. just flopped. i like stayc but they’re getting worse with every comeback.

    • Classic Classic says:

      Your wrong 110% visuals

    • patrick gonna be a star says:

      @sam ‵‵ サム fr, gfriend doesn’t have rap at all like chill gurl, the world is not gonna end bcoz they’re trying something new. 💀

    • sam ‵‵ サム says:

      @leni c: even if it’s a title track, not every >song< needs a rap. j has a beautiful voice while singing and it suits the vibe of the song perfectly, a rap would ruin it with no doubts.

  7. M. says:

    Stayc is a very well managed group, in addition to never making mistakes, they masterfully do what they set out to do.The vocals are perfect 🥺 and the mv is cute and sweet

  8. xio says:

    El vocal que se cargan; la estética única que tienen; su icónico “Stayc girls, its going down”, todo siempre es tan innovador e icónico. De verdad son un gran girl group, deseándoles siempre muchos éxitos. Orgullosa de lo mucho que han crecido y espero que sigan siendo tan auténticas, SLAYC GIRLS, ITS GOING DOWN.

  9. Dharmendra Singh says:

    Everyone: “This is the worst year ever.”
    ATAYC: “Sorry but not for us.”


  10. Chyll Apla-on says:

    What I really like to this group is they’re not afraid singing live to more practice their singing vocals skills!!!!Go girls always slay

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