Staying At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip (Part 2)

Staying At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip (Part 2)

Check out part 1 here!

HELLO FRIENDS!! In this installment, we continue our exploration of every hotel on the Vegas strip, taking on the 14 hotels on the East side of the Strip. Still big fans, and still providing our thoughts on the room, vibes, and activities at each hotel – again, just in case you need it. We took on everything the strip had to throw at us – heat, celebrity restaurant pasta dishes, serenading gondoliers – until we finally made it to the end. We came, we saw, we stayed – here are the final 14! What do you guys think? Which hotel would you choose?

Also, when we say “Operated Independently” – we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Dave Szamet
Carrie Roper
Melissa Douglas
Clare Gelber
Jack Scott
Phil Kinney
Elizabeth Pinotti
Mike Pearson III
German Torres
Steven Yonce
Corey Glynn

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

Rachel Faulkner White
Sabrina Ford

0:00 Intro
1:20 The Sahara
4:56 The Wynn / Encore
11:42 The Venetian / Palazzo
17:23 Harrah’s
20:44 The LINQ
26:17 Flamingo
29:25 The Cromwell
32:16 Bally’s (now Horseshoe)
35:50 Paris
40:07 Planet Hollywood
43:25 The MGM Grand
47:19 The Tropicana
50:50 Outro & Our Recommendations

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42 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, part 2 is here!! we’re netflix-ing it so you can binge both parts at once! ✨let us know which hotel was your fave & keep those loins girded for our celebrity chef video (which is going to take a *little bit* longer to come out)!! XOXO, saf

    • LexieKaboom says:

      Great video! Small thing: the infotexts were only on screen for a very short time, especially if English isnt your first language, I had to pause often… just a note 🙃

    • LicaTharina says:

      Hello from the Netherlands! Thank you so much for these two new 1 hour (!) long video’s! Loved them. 🖤 I am a big fan of your channel, and that’s saying something as I am social media shy and don’t watch much else on YT. So thanks for sharing your cool ideas, wonderful accent and random cheekiness. You’re great!

    • karidad c says:

      I’m so happy happy

    • Nitsan Nachtom says:

      The MGM park looks great

    • Danielle fernandes says:

      Thank you for uploading both parts!

  2. Sestra says:

    As an adult, who has never been to Vegas, hates crowds, parties and gambling, I really appreciate this series. Gives me an idea of what to do if I ever go.

    • Gloomed says:

      Just don’t come in the summer unless you wanna melt

    • Hope Gold says:

      Same, for the first half. But for me, I got enough vicarious enjoyment that I don’t feel like I have to go now.
      Pretty amazing they can produce such a fun, light, entertaining video (JUST what I needed today) that clearly took an enormous amount of work and expense.

    • Brianna Pinkney says:

      Stay at Red Rock Hotel! Red Rock is super beautiful….just go after February because we get “second winter” here and it’s can be cold and windy and not fun.

    • Michael B says:

      Go in March or April and check out Red Rock Park. Some beautiful scenery and hiking. My wife and I basically alternated outdoor activities and checking out the public areas of all of the hotels on the Strip.

  3. Anna Hill says:

    Okay now I’m gonna need you guys to do a series of staying in famous historic hotels across the country! Stanley Hotel, Hotel del Coronado, Mackinac Grand Hotel, Mount Washington Hotel, etc

  4. Alexandra martinez says:

    Am I the only one wondering how they transported all of their stuff and luggage?? The planning is crazy this video took so much work!

    • Sofea says:

      They had their team with them, she mentioned in Part 1 that the rest of the team would sleep in the hotels that they weren’t staying at for the night

    • hpnfjudy says:

      @Vi Nah, they wouldn’t trust the hotel transporting their luggage & risk losing their clothes & having to waste time buying a 2 week wardrobe. They definitely had their team move their luggage for them. Might as well since their employees went to Vegas with them.

    • hpnfjudy says:

      @Trin Murray Saf probably dragged her luggage that one day bc the hotel they slept in was probably a close walk to the hotel on the next morning. Definitely their team was in Vegas (partly) to deal with the luggage logistics. Vegas is not a place to be rolling your luggage on the street. Too much crowds & too much ups+downs on escalators. And did it occur to anyone that they had laundry (sweaty from the heat) for 2 weeks that had to be washed. Dirty moist clothes can’t be stuffed away in luggage for 2 weeks! S&T didn’t have time to even think of laundry! I bet their team also dealt with sending it to laundry service.

    • Christine C. says:

      Please stop asking if you’re “the only one.” No one is the only one.

    • Tyrone Waihape-Matete says:

      Yep it was their servants. I saw them lugging their bags behind them. They even dress like servants

  5. Rosalind Gatto says:

    If you guys are going to do more crazy hotel/trip videos in the future, might I suggest the Roxbury in the Catskills? They’ve got a whole bunch of cabins, king sized rooms, and full suites in their motel, and each area is balls to the walls THEMED.
    You wanna feel like Dracula? They got a cabin for that, complete with gothic architecture and a creepy throne on the second floor! In a revolutionary war mood? Stay in the Mansion, where that themed suite has the best view on the second floor. The have a Wizard of Oz room AND a French rococo suite in the motel. Even their non themed rooms are more colorful and visually interesting than every other hotel room I’ve ever been to in my life put together.

  6. Kelly Piliere says:

    As a customer service manager I’m very curious how both hotels handled the food left in the mini fridges.

    • TurtleKwitty says:

      @SarahwFIT Considering they had some of the team staying in the hotels they didnt REALLY hope they got those resolved esepcially theroom that smelled like rot other wise poor team member holy crap

    • DominoEffect says:

      @SarahwFIT For the one that she said smelled so bad, I definitely saw her on the phone so I think for that one she most definitely complained to someone

    • baka_yu says:

      @liulingling88 I wonder if the food wasn’t actually in there that long, but was something the guests beforehand had left out long enough to stink and just shoved in there. And then it was forgotten the one time, unfortunate timing for the housekeeping to do it that time.

    • Wanupgurl says:

      obviously 2 of them do nothing since they found sandwiches in their mini fridges lol

    • hpnfjudy says:

      @Alexander Davidd Well, Saf & Tyler didn’t make a fuss bc they had a tight & tiring schedule to stay on track of filming the laid-out criteria. They didn’t have time to complain to hotel mgmt nor the energy to hassle with the details. S&T’s team probably dealt with it separately & it was remedied w/o disrupting S&T’s flow. The point of the video was about aesthetic, comfort, food, and entertainment/activities of each hotel. They don’t have space in the video to include how the hotel mgmt dealt with complaints. The videos are already so long & detailed.

  7. tori bananinha says:

    Safiya is so pretty, every outfit she wears is just chef’s kiss, her hair is so healthy and her face is so cute
    And besides that she is also a lovely person, she’s a complete treasure

  8. somethingsomething g says:

    one random thing that caught my eye at all these hotels are how large the room numbers are! most hotels where i live only have room numbers that go up to the hundreds. the hotel rooms in safiya’s videos have 5 digit numbers! fascinating

  9. Dev says:

    This has to be one of your best videos ever. The commentary, history, editing, humor, and obvious attention to making detailed plans was impressive. You two always go all out!

  10. Sophia says:

    Travel tip: buy a set of travel wedding rings so if you lose it, your actual set is waiting for you back at home! great video as always (:

    • Laura Kastrup says:

      So I have a fake engagement ring, which as a frequent city jumper in Europe, is so much nicer, recently went to Poland to help out with the Ukrainian refugees (I work for a manufacturer of medicine, in Denmark and we are aware that refugees usually mean pandemic, because well refugee camps are never truly clean)

      So I have a very expensive 18 carat with diamond ring, and a gilded silver ring with what I think is a plastic stone😂

    • Danielle fernandes says:

      great idea

    • Aiden says:

      such a good idea

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