daddy gonzalez

daddy gonzalez

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  1. Can we play D&D now ?😔 says:

    I’m so proud of danny he’s been my favorite youtuber for a long time and I’m sure he’s gonna be a great dad💙

  2. Willem Cahill-Chiaroni says:

    Even when Danny’s talking seriously about being a parent it sounds like he’s joking about it lol

  3. toastyghost says:

    It’s cool to see how you went from YouTuber, to famous person being stalked by paparazzi, to being a dad! Congrats to you and Laura, and take a break from Youtube if you need it. Danny’s gonna be the ultimate tactical father, hope the kid’s name is Greg.

  4. Curri says:

    Sometimes I forget that Danny is a 28 year old man with a house, a wife and now a baby, and not an 18 year old college student.

    • Ashhtray says:

      No literally

    • lady sauce says:

      danny has the vibe of a 19 year old university scholar who studies an incredibly hard major, is super funny, and lives in a college dorm alongside like 5 other people. the fact hes a full grown ass man who has his life together is mind blowing to me.

  5. Stephen Day says:

    If Danny doesn’t reprise his role and make a “I’m a spooky dad” this Halloween it will be an INJUSTICE to this Greg driven community.

  6. Lorie LovesBooks says:

    Proof that Danny can do anything or nothing and he still pranks us.

  7. FatherJames says:

    imagine seeing danny on all fours running at full speed at you with a kid on his back while you’re walking your dog. He’s gonna be a great mother tho, so happy for you man.

  8. curlyhoe says:

    Congrats Danny, I’ve been watching you for years and ofc this would eventually happen but I’m proud of you. And if you do ever need a break for your kid we definitely would all understand<3!

    • Emily B. says:

      “ofc this would eventually happen” not a big deal but not all couples have children, it’s not a foregone conclusion. obvs Danny and his wife chose to though and all the best to them

  9. Letthembelightpeaceonelove says:

    As someone with a 4 year old who’s been watching Danny for a while, this makes me happy because now I get to feel like I’m actually in the age group to be part of Danny’s audience. Well I’m actually the same age as Danny but had my kid pretty young 😅And of course congratulations to them both, they will both make wonderful, supportive parents, I know it. ❤My heart goes out to Laura right now, pregnancy is a hell of a time, especially in the heat of summer!!

  10. thedryzombie says:

    I have a strange feeling that Danny has a giant list of dad jokes he’s gonna use when he becomes a father

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