Steph Curry’s 45-Point Performance Lifts The Golden State Warriors Past The LA Clippers | NBA on TNT

Steph Curry’s 45-Point Performance Lifts The Golden State Warriors Past The LA Clippers | NBA on TNT

The Inside crew reacts to Steph’s impressive showing as the Golden State Warriors held of the Los Angeles Clippers in their home opener.

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49 Responses

  1. Nicholas Agot says:

    pls let curry be healthy until klay, kuminga, and wiseman get back

  2. Sports311 says:

    I was waiting for Chuck to say: The Warriors turned the ball over 21 times. That’s turrible!!!😂

    • Chike Udenze says:


    • Daniel Delprado says:

      The reason they’re so susceptible to turnover is because of how fast paced they play usually every pass/play is split decision so its understandable they’re going to turn it over

    • AHMAD2423 says:

      Yea, but RT that is still a serious issue with Steph. Gotta cut those turnovers down or it’s gonna bite them at the wrong time.

    • 63586jonathan says:

      @Daniel Delprado some of the turnovers are careless

    • Joseph Bonto says:

      Lol you won’t understand those turnovers if you’re not really a baller. At Least someone like Daniel understood clearly and explained it.

  3. Joshua Chipman says:

    Not a gsw fan by any means but curry is a generation talent and as a basketball fan blessed to watch this team. A healthy warrior team is scary

  4. Big J says:

    Those Warriors jerseys are 🔥!

  5. Respect Begets Respect says:

    Many other teams would have lost the game with that amount of turnovers. Just goes to show how insane their key players are.

    • Bryan Yambao says:

      Yeah but they had a big lead so early that’s why the Clippers came back from those turnovers of the Warriors

  6. Nn Vb says:

    Chuck is right Steph conditioning ad strength is underrated

    • AHMAD2423 says:

      Reggie Miller was right his next 3-4 yrs are gonna be Amazing… Because he’s focused and hungry for another Championship and MVP !!!

    • CodeX says:

      he MOVES other guards around just like Doncic with his core strength. Thats why nobody can guard them and keep up even though theyre not athletic. Also notice how even most bigs cant muscle curry up on his drives and on layups.

    • mikatteba225 says:

      People always think athletcism is only muscle and and vertical

    • BlackMarq20 says:

      @Srikanth sanaka last year his numbers were pretty close

    • Rosa Percs says:

      Bro gets triple teamed every game and still manages to get his shot off

  7. StephanLamar81 says:

    The Warriors are back. And they’re title contenders when healthy.

    • calamorta says:


      They beat the Lakers with a bad Curry night and they’re not fully healthy either, so don’t come with the Kawhi excuses

    • Kristopher Cash says:

      @LeGoat James Dallas will not be better than GS

    • LeGoat James says:

      @Kristopher Cash yes they will. Dallas with a healthy luka and porzingis plus shooters is deadly

    • ATL Bird Fan says:

      They’re slightly better than Portland with a healthy Klay

    • Kristopher Cash says:

      @LeGoat James Dallas with the roster they have has been bottom half of the playoff bracket. If they keep Porzingus behind the 3 point line, it will be much of the same. GS however has guys who will be much improved and the way that they move the ball makes anybody on the court a threat. Dallas doesn’t operate that way.

  8. Mark Sloan says:

    Anyone who likes basketball has to be impressed with Curry. He hits from everywhere, including half court. It’s just insane how good he is, and no one else is close to his consistency and output.

    • Jorel Byssainthe says:

      @Tiger K when it comes to basketball I don’t really have a team so since I live in the east I cheer for east coast teams lol.

    • 3G says:

      I feel winded just watching him run and shoot..

    • Kyle Garcia says:

      @mediacenter man Curry drives a lot, you know. Watching Curry means watching GSW Basketball. Their ball movement is one of a kind.

    • Mark Sloan says:

      @Richard Ly Agree, but the regularity and consistency of Curry is what sets him apart.

    • Mark Sloan says:

      @mediacenter man Curry does a lot of great finishing at the rim moves. Soft touch runners, twisting layups. Kyrie is more explosive in his moves, but the variety of Curry’s shooting is way better. Kyrie won the 3 pt contest in like his first or second year, but I don’t feel like he has improved his game to what is possible for his skillset.

  9. Siaka Kamate says:

    I been rocking with curry since he started, back when his ankles ended his seasons. I knew he was going to be something because the commentators always said he was too small and frail, etc. Look at him now, much respect to that man 💪🏿

  10. Geoffrey Pearce says:

    After Steph called his first game “trash” I saw quite a few commenters saying they felt sorry for whoever GSW faced next.

    They were right.

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