YouTube Gave Me A Strike & Won’t Tell Me Why

YouTube Gave Me A Strike & Won’t Tell Me Why

Sorry to be a downer today but this is an issue with YouTube that needs to be discussed. This is a dialogue between creator and platform about communication or should I say lack thereof.

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30 Responses

  1. LevelUpLifting says:

    “They don’t care about you until you reach a certain altitude, and even then, you still just a number to them” 😔

  2. Dee Bee Geek says:

    ”With no creators, there is no YouTube!”
    I felt this.

  3. ThatHoneyBunny says:

    All they have to do, is reach out to creators and inform them of the issue so that it can be solved. It’s not that difficult for either party. If the creator doesn’t fix the issue, then a strike would be understandable, but to just put a creator’s hard work in jeopardy over such small issues isn’t right.

  4. Flaming Turtle says:

    He’s right, literally just communicate. It’s not hard.

  5. Magan Astrologo says:

    YouTube: *Strikes CoryxKenshin for no reason whatsoever*

    Everyone:” *loads shotgun* I just wanna speak to the manager.”

  6. Mrbeast Memes says:

    Cory deserves better. He’s been so loyal and wholesome to us and his channel. YouTube needs to do better.

  7. Nimbvs Alex says:

    Cory: guys I’m not retiring
    YouTube a week later: he’s trying to retire send him a strike

    Edit: I watched the part they possibly banned you for… SITTING ON YOUR PHONE REALLY?!?! Lil Nas x got a whole video dancing with butt naked men and Cory get a strike for “popping a squat” on his phone?

  8. G4TheCaptain says:

    He has NEVER raised his voice like this. This is how you know he’s pissed the hell off. We still samurai squad for life.

  9. jesus says:

    At this point I’m starting to believe YouTube is believing that one kid that said he was worshiping the devil for wearing a red hoodie

  10. Glizzy シ says:

    Cory: “gets strike by YouTube”
    Everyone: wait that’s illegal

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