Stephen A. REVEALS what spells trouble for the Lakers vs. Warriors 🍿 | First Take

Stephen A. REVEALS what spells trouble for the Lakers vs. Warriors 🍿 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Tim Legler preview the Lakers vs. Warriors series in the Western Conference semifinals.
0:00 Lakers or Warriors?
3:00 Stephen A. & Kendrick Perkins get into it!
6:25 LeBron James has the recipe to beat the Warriors?
8:20 Andrew Wiggins’ role#ESPN #FirstTake #NBAonESPN #StephenA

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42 Responses

  1. TeamStorminNorman says:

    I feel bad for anyone who genuinely believes either team is beating the other in 4 or 5. This series is going 6 minimum.

    • Dontmess33 says:

      @Riiky Ramirez nope thats just every laker fan lmao from getting in thru the playin to beating the warriors? put down the crack pipes please

    • itamar zohar says:

      @RArt I definitely ain’t scared of curry but neither team will win the championship so who cares

    • RArt says:

      @itamar zohar you are scared of curry. Thats all. But don’t worry, lakers or gsw are not going to win the conference

    • RArt says:

      @itamar zohar agree. Neither of those teams, lakers and warriors, are amazing. They are very mediocre actually. But today, warriors are better.

  2. Deelaw says:

    Even as a warriors fan I want this series to go 7. This could be the final meeting between Steph and Lebron in the playoffs considering their age. Watching this series will be like the end of an era, the battles between Steph and LeBron and it will be glorious. I wouldn’t be surprised if this series pulled in more viewers than the NBA finals.

  3. Rationalthought83 says:

    Lakers have excellent defense. This will be a good series.

    • Alberto Rodriguez says:

      @Eric Smith i understand, but on high leverage moments who do you trust? the defending champions ? Or the Lakers (other than lebron and Ad) also remember AD is very inconsistent he can score 40 in one game and the next game score 12

    • Alberto Rodriguez says:

      @Clare ja a threat ? Shooting 30 percent from 3 ? That’s awful come on, do you watch the grizzlies ???? They attack the basket and the paint specially ja that’s how they score, they were 16th on 3pm during the season, the warriors number 1, again the warriors are a different animal

    • MVRTS says:

      @Envy4PF AD is one of the softest bigs in the league, dudes not making it 3 games

    • MIDHAN says:

      @Quentin says who?

    • Quentin says:

      @MIDHAN u can’t answer a question with a question

  4. Cedric Jones Jr says:

    The fact that anyone actually counts and hold those two KD titles against lebron in favor of Curry is crazy.

    • Breon Jackson says:

      @Von Man Going up against Duncan, Parker and Ginobli – or going against Russ, KD and Harden? Or series against Pierce, Allen and Garnett? Lol. We ain’t forget

    • Von Man says:

      So y’all gone forget about Lebron wade and Bosh 💀?

    • Breon Jackson says:

      @Sean Smith They still had game 6 and 7 with Draymond right?

    • KDG DOJI says:

      @Sean Smith he basically sayin KD was finals MVP they won back to back because KD was on the team it was 1-1 before he joined

    • Sean Smith says:

      A championship is a championship. Should we disregard the 2016 title because of Draymond being suspended? I won’t, but we can play the excuse game if you want.

  5. RIGGO 94 says:

    I’m so glad everyone is picking the Warriors to win this series. I don’t want to hear any excuses if the Lakers win this series

  6. mike portnoy says:

    It’s all fun listening to this gentlemen. All i know is that this series is gonna be epic. You got 2 ambassadors of the game LeBron and Steph go at it full throttle. It’s gonna be a dogfight. Oh boy, I’m so excited. Go Lakers!

  7. Haaris Shariff says:

    The way Stephen A is talking you would think he has Steph higher than lebron all time.

    • Idk says:

      @Blane Fulkerson All around player > 3pt shooter

    • Jay Supreme says:

      @Dom if you don’t think Steph is top 10 because of pts rebounds assist shows u don’t know ball those stats are a longevity stat I never said steph better all time but as of 2-3 years ago to this day he is better but like I said it’s ok lebron is 38 stop hugging nuts

    • Dom says:

      @g0at633  it’s almost done and he doesn’t have nearly enough points rebs ast blks steals accolades to dethrone bron brotha. He’s like 35 with only 21k points and didn’t defend his whole career. He’s not top 10 bruh when you really look at him as a individual player.

    • Devon says:

      @Blane Fulkerson ……crazy talk.

    • Jay Supreme says:

      @SPRVLN27 lebron at this point is only a better playmaker look at the stats on top of that lebron by volume is one of the worst 3 pt shooters this year he doesn’t play defense has a lot of lapses y’all gotta see the truth lol he’s not who he was 5 years ago and that’s ok

  8. Jon says:

    Stephs gonna need some help from his supporting cast this series. Lakers rotation has been excellent where the last few games Kerr most definitely doesn’t trust anyone outside of his starting 5.

    • John Palmer says:

      ​@d 10 – You can’t trust Poole in a 7-game series. He might have 1 or 2 games where he plays well, but the other games he’s likely to be all over the place. Also, Donte averaged 4 points in that Kings series and didn’t even play in Game 7 until after it was a blowout.

    • d 10 says:

      He trusts GP2, Poole (just has to tighten up) Donte, and hopefully kuminga and moody both get more minutes

  9. F That. Trying to get to Heaven says:

    We have been blessed for an amazing playoffs this year! Steph Curry and Lebron James for the 5th title on the line. Can’t write it any better.

  10. Sam Morton says:

    They going on about 3-1 head to head pretending like they didn’t have KD for 2 series and no Irving and K Love for another series

    • Nikko Ramirez says:

      And draymond suspended game 5 didn’t change that series and Boget missing game 7 and Iggy with a hurt back was limited 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep crying… laat I check bron, Kyrie and Love was considered a super team as well

    • XTC says:

      @Sean Smith You guys can have your greatest season where Draymond Green wasnt suspended. We’ll take the other 3 series where Kevin Love was healthy and KD didn’t sign with the Warriors.

    • Sean Smith says:

      3-1 is 3-1. Just like Curry blew the 3-1 lead, but should we excuse the Draymond Green suspension for that? Excuse game works both ways!

    • XTC says:

      AGREED. Cavs win 2015 if Kevin Love wasn’t injured. Cavs also win at least one during 2017 & 2018 season had Durant not signed with Warriors. It very like would’ve been 3-1 LeBron over Curry.

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