Stephen A. Smith Speaks On His Father, First Take, Ayesha Curry, Rihanna Comments + More

Stephen A. Smith Speaks On His Father, First Take, Ayesha Curry, Rihanna Comments + More

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27 Responses

  1. Tyler Morris says:

    This is so many young black men like myself story and feelings towards our fathers. Props to Steven A. opening up and sharing but teaching at the same time.

  2. Earth Goddess Escaping says:

    Wow this interview bought me to tears…I feel like he was describing my father.
    This is exactly what I witnessed as a child – even present day & I’m angry!

    My younger sister doesn’t want marriage because of what we’ve witnessed growing up…
    These thoughts & feelings have motivated me to go to therapy & I just hope it helps me, but I really want to send a letter to my parents – my father specifically and address the bs that he has done my entire life to not only me & my sis, but especially my mother‼️

    • C Will 🐼 says:

      Same here most blacks don’t have fathers or our fathers ain’t 💩. Imma get therapy I hope other blacks do the same

    • Sly Stally says:

      Don’t fall for this man’s soap box

    • Tia Banks says:


    • Cuma says:

      I really hope that you and your family heal and go towards a path of success that will be greater than you or your mother could have imagined for you!

      Write it all down on paper, write it all and send it some day. I say this because I relate to your story! Peace and love.

  3. krisj827 says:

    No matter if you like Stephen A or not, I appreciate him sharing about his personal life, especially his parents.

    • Dea Mc says:

      I hope Stephen’s book come in audio I want to order it I now like to drive listen and learn…

    • Another Point of View says:

      I appreciate it too. I feel I have an understanding for the things I don’t like about him as well as the things I like. Knowing the culture/family he came up in.

    • Michael Bentt says:

      Duly noted!…Less we forget though, those of us who’ve experienced/ endured that level of trauma could absolutely care less about the “societal charade” of being liked and or accepted. Sometimes there’s value in interior “scar tissue” i.e, , being a more patient, empathetic, conscious and- most importantly- apologetic parent as we, ourselves, continue to grow. Which, I believe is much more in line with the theory of “go in the complete opposite direction” of what was demonstrated to us by our fathers.

    • MJ says:

      Same here!!

  4. Kin says:

    When Stephen said “to see her in the grave before him”… I broke down in tears…..that one hit home for me….

  5. Lorna Wilson says:

    My. my, my, what a great interview!! I have gained a new respect for Stephen A. Smith and I am glad he spoke his truth!!

  6. Sherly B says:

    Fantastic interview! PLEASE keep Lala as a PERMANENT HOST. She brings fantastic energy and elevates the interviews. It’s clear she prepares for her interviews.

  7. The Analog Circle Podcast. says:

    I truly appreciate Stephen A. His energy is infectious. 🚀🚀🎯

  8. Marcus Simmons says:

    I like the vibe Lala brings to this show. Not overly asserting and knows how to choose spots to grow within the platform. This could be perfect.

  9. Alexandrea Robinson says:

    I really miss seeing Lala in this space her skill set seems so natural and effortless but she’s like 20 yrs in at this point. Great talent

  10. Steve Sequeira says:

    My mom passed away almost 3 months ago, I feel the same way. Thank you Stephen A for sharing your story.

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