Stop using Fandom

Stop using Fandom

The Hollow Knight wiki community is another in a long line of wiki communities choosing to leave Fandom behind. But why is that? What is it about Fandom that is pushing so many communities away recently? To answer that question, I talk for 22 minutes and 18 seconds.

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If you want to learn more about the various alternative to Fandom, this discussion thread by the Minecraft wiki is a very interesting read:

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:36 Fandom
02:25 Fandom’s unwanted ads and features
05:32 Fandom community restrictions
07:37 The Grimace Incident
09:24 Leaving Fandom is difficult
13:42 If not Fandom, then where?
15:18 Miraheze
16:00 Self-hosting
17:13 Wiki Alliances
19:17 Weird Gloop
19:58 Conclusion

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39 Responses

  1. mossbag says:

    Please consider installing the Indie Wiki Buddy extension! It not only helps the Hollow Knight wiki community, but all the other wikis mentioned throughout this video!

    Please note that the extension currently does not support the Hollow Knight wiki, but that will be fixed soon, so the extension is still worth grabbing.

  2. Dominic Karma says:

    Hi! As someone who’s considerably involved in the Calamity community (and a former dev for the project), I was a bit surprised to hear you mention it in this video lmao
    As you said, the Fandom wiki is more or less abandoned at this point, serving as a location for people to come together to shitpost, spread micro-misinformation, and write up fake content for fun. It’s basically a subculture of its own at this point. There’s far too much at this point to effectively unearth all the misinformation.

    You briefly mentioned how Gamepedia was bought out, but I think it’s important to emphasize the impact that event had. Calamity’s wiki used to be on Gamepedia before this merger occurred. We never originally consented to using Fandom, we were simply forced into it being there as a consequence of that. We of course sought to have it removed, but as you can imagine this didn’t really go anywhere and there was little leverage to force such action (To my understanding the technicalities of the law wouldn’t really be on our side, but even if they were the development team is nowhere near the size where litigation is anywhere close to a viable option), hence the jump to wikigg.
    I can’t imagine we were the only project to end up in this frustrating situation.

    All this to say, thank you for helping in getting less people on that damn site. I suspect it’ll have a positive impact beyond your traditional Hollow Knight centered community/content.

    • Connorsseur says:

      This happened to the Dead Cells wiki too. It’s really upsetting to have all your hard work irreparably altered without your consent like that. But at least we got the fork out of there!

    • Sam Miller says:

      I used the fandom wiki for calamity and it convinced me to fight the WHOLE boss rush just to fight the final boss and I was so disappointed when it lied.

    • ThatBugBehindYou says:


    • Fuzzlepuzzle says:

      I used to edit the Overwatch wiki way back in 2016. At one point I removed a “tips and tricks” video from a character’s page because it was outdated and had bad advice, and Gamepedia staff messaged me and told me I couldn’t do that because the video was made by the same company which owned Gamepedia.

      I wasn’t much of a fan of Gamepedia after that. It sucks they got bought out by an even more invasive company. 🙁

    • Someplant59 says:

      oh hey it’s the you hope your drinking water or something

  3. Ruminations says:

    There’s another pretty substantial issue that indie wikis have to deal with that you didn’t mention: plagiarism.
    In the months leading to the migration by the Jojo’s Bizarre Encyclopedia, the admins of that wiki did a lot of work to completely overhaul the articles as they moved them to improve the article quality and help boost search engine results.
    But then, Fandom literally plagiarized those articles and put them on the Fandom versions of those same topics.

    • mossbag says:

      Pizza Tower wiki is dealing with that right now too

    • CyberTea says:

      wikis work under licenses which require credits, if someone on fandom is copy/pasting text from an indie wiki they should credit it, and anyone is free to confront fandom about it, but funnily enough fandom’s own forking policy actually prevent copy/pasting because they will hate to credit an indie wiki and would rather delete copypasta.

    • Mathoo Rot8er_ConeX says:

      Willing to bet that Fandom’s doing it intentionally as an SEO tactic. As Mossbag mentions in this video, Google ignores “duplicate” results, so if Fandom says the same thing as the official wiki, the official wiki is pushed even lower since Fandom is already “trusted” by Google. Making it even harder for forked wikis to get on their feet.

  4. Everything Sucks Forever says:

    I am so happy that the Croc Wiki community finally got the recognition it deserves, thank you Mossbag once again for your incredible analysis of the Croc videogame franchise!

  5. #Guigui says:

    The way the video ends on “Now, I’ve been pretty mean to Fandom throughout this video” with no elaboration is HILARIOUS and shows that it’s deserved

  6. Ice Tide says:

    Fandom is like a parent trying to monetize their child’s talents and then not understanding why the child hates them so much

  7. eXaiix says:

    After Fandom got bought out by a private equity firm it really went downhill fast. I’m one of the open source developers of MediaWiki and even I don’t use Fandom without an adblocker. Felt a bit weird the few times I had to meet with Fandom engineers to discuss stuff I’ve done because it would impact them. Props to the people who are able to get MediaWiki instances up and running because it’s difficult even for the developers of it

    • Kacper Filipek says:

      Hey, I just wanted to thank you for contributing to MediaWiki. I made an instance for my year at Uni and I just think it’s a wonderful project in today’s ever more centralized internet.

  8. ModdedInkling says:

    As a staff member in two wikis part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, I am happy to see more of these wikis moving away from Fandom.

    However, I wish this was a more widespread initiative. There is clearly a problem that not enough editors or readers are addressing, and Wikipedia still adamantly refuses to document any of these events due to “lack of notability”

    • AfutureV says:

      What do you mean by the Wikipedia part?

    • ModdedInkling says:

      @AfutureV Wikipedia chooses to remove information about independent wikis splitting away from Fandom due to lack of notability, or at least that’s what they are claiming. This is in spite of major independent wiki communities such as NIWA and SEIWA encountering some controversial clashes with Fandom.

    • KDS VGM Remastering says:

      Down with the old kings! Let’s make a new Wikipedia!

    • Aetha says:

      ​@KDS VGM Remasteringwe dont need a new wikipedia

    • 7QWERTY42 says:

      Shoutout to Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance for being so goddamn ahead of the curve with this stuff. I remember learning NIWA was a thing over a decade ago and thinking it was the coolest thing since fan wikis themselves.

  9. lucas lol says:

    As someone who runs a pretty big wiki on Fandom, I absolutely support people’s decision to stop using it. If it weren’t for uBlock, I’d genuinely quit the website altogether and delete my account. Power to you all

  10. Raphaël says:

    As a Terraria and Terraria: Calamity mod fan, I knew you would mention their situation, but I definitely did not know the situation was this bad. I hope this video reach many, to prevent more problems for smaller communities and help the others!

    • Império Otomano says:

      lol yeah it’s all literally just blatant misinformation, and funny as it might be to check it once in a while it helps encourage using the other one by making the fandom wiki unreliable

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