Stranded 100 Hours on a Homemade Raft – Day 3

Stranded 100 Hours on a Homemade Raft – Day 3

Today is day 3 of surviving on a homemade raft for 100 hours. In this episode we got a huge shipment of wood to build a tiny house on our mega raft. We also attempted more fishing with the need for food getting more and more pressing. After today we will have a home and a warm place to sleep outside of the elements. Thank you for all of your support so far! This challenge is to support ZOE, so any donations are greatly appreciated!






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24 Responses

  1. lerlenta says:

    Wow just the content recently I mean Jeff and Chris traveled the world and this is just a masterpiece and also big shoutout to the editor/editors you complete the videos to the greatest 😁

  2. Hollywood-n2010 says:

    I can’t believe the pain you guys went through with the weather without a heater!! THIS IS PURE DEDICATION!!

  3. Pop YT says:

    I LOVE this series!!! Been waiting for day 3!
    Keep up the good work Jeff and Chris!
    You’re amazing.

  4. DJ says:

    I love how much work they do for their videos, they never disappoint 😀

  5. Ezra Petersen says:

    This series is awesome, and I love the commitment to ZOE. Our Yth group does a similar thing (called Speed The Light) and stops trafficking and spreads the gospel. You guys are awesome!

  6. Akmens 111 says:

    This is sick, when i was a kid i wanted to live outdoors with limited resources, KEEP IT UP :0000

  7. Jaho Međedović says:

    The amount of dedication they have is unreal

  8. Skipper says:

    I love his vids they would do anything for charity what a legend! ❤

  9. ProfessorMadHatt Gaming says:

    The amount of dedication these two have is unreal

  10. Kristi rhodes says:

    Hope y’all raise $50000 good luck to both of you and the dedication yall have is unreal you guys have a great legacy ahead

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