STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Volume 2 Ending Explained

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Volume 2 Ending Explained

I review, breakdown and explain Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Netflix. I discuss the ending, the upside down, Vecnas connection the Mind Flayer, Max confronting Vecna, Will and Mike searching for Nina, Dr Brenner’s want to keep hold of Eleven, Hopper and Joyce reuniting, and other the characters such as Dustin, Lucas, Eddie, Steve, Robin and Nancy.

00:00 Intro
00:24 Overview Of Season 4 Volume 2
01:04 Eleven And Brenners Farewell
03:32 Hopper And Joyce In Russia
04:17 Preparation For The Battle With Vecna
06:29 The Battle With Vecna
10:13 The Aftermath
12:37 Outro

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56 Responses

  1. BrainPilot says:

    What did you think of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2? Comment your thoughts below!

    • Jim The Joseph Hopper Video Vlog Guy says:

      I Love Season 4 Best Season Ever Cant Wait For Season 5 Of Stranger Things

    • George Harkknett says:

      Best season ever and Greatest show in the world

    • Brian Hickman says:

      Huge disappointment. Eddies death was ridiculously unepic, nothing was resolved, 3 hour trailer

    • Shannon Parsons says:

      @Tayboy 4 Life sorry. I should say though that is very true. On tv and real life. At the end of sn4 there is no balance. The margins are way outside of good and evil is prevailing. Balance is needed but you want good to win just a few more medals than evil. Just saying

    • Shannon Parsons says:

      @Tayboy 4 Life ah dah

  2. AnonyMouse says:

    I really didn’t think Eddie would die like that. And the earthquake scene was 10/10 💯

    • tj ward says:

      That completely sucked, it’s a big shock and he died? First year character who had half the police in America looking for him. How was he going to live? The only thing that’s a mystery is how something can suck so bad yet be completely predictable well there’s three hours of my life I’ll never see again, I guess this is part of the reason why Netflix is having big problems

    • chloe graves says:

      My guess was exactly right bahahaha. I think there was a lot of foreshadowing around Eddie’s death

    • UNL3ASH3D says:

      same cause i thought Steve tanking the bats meant no way in hell eddie would die from them but ig not.

    • 𝘪𝘵𝘴𝘮𝘦𝘣𝘰𝘯𝘣𝘰𝘯 says:

      I CRIED MY HEAD OF when he died

  3. Luvv Sushi says:

    As sad as it is seeing Eddie’s death only be shown through Dustin and him still being seen as the murderer, I’m glad he went out the way he did. A hero

    • Kenny Hearne says:

      Agreed! Also between what happened to him and max it was actually unnerving seeing the gang in genuine danger for once

    • MaryChun Slone says:

      his death felt kinda forced tho imo like it could’ve been more impactful but its fine

    • Simo Alami says:

      You have to know that Eddie is still hated by the whole city which is why they didn’t make his death public , I think in season 5 Hawkins will know the truth and they will realize that Eddie is innocent , and we will for sure get a tribute scene and funeral for him. He deserves it 10/10 character

    • Frank Martorana says:

      “A satanic group of D&D playing high schoolers created a fire lava earthquake” 😂😂

    • Kenny Hearne says:

      @Avien Reyes you might say…red Herrington

  4. AA-VFX says:

    I’m pretty shocked. Waiting for season 5. My brain is exploding 🤯 No sleep for me tonight!

  5. Komal Kumbhare says:

    I hope Eddie is seen as the hero he is

  6. Miguel Dorado says:

    Why does everyone forget that Brenner said that he “consumes” people? It seems pretty clear that he still has the memories and people inside him and if Vecna killed Max then Vecna has her memories and mind

    • Angel A.600 says:

      @Andre Zavala yea she died but came back

    • Angel A.600 says:

      @Gongoozleblimp no brenner was the one who said that.

    • New Gal says:

      @Andrew Epps how’d she die if she’s still alive bro 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • New Gal says:

      @Andrew Epps dr Brenner literally said that when Vecna kills someone, he consumes them. Her memory/personality wasn’t gone after she came back to the real world bc she’s talking to Lucas, saying “I can’t feel/see anything”. Also, Eleven was able to access her memories at this time showing that Vecna hadn’t fully consumed her. If Vecna didn’t consume her, he didn’t directly “kill” her. Sure, he may have caused the physical injuries that lead to her short death but that’s different from FULLY killing her (taking her memories and essence). It’s not that hard to comprehend.

    • Muka Konkola says:

      @HewFoE of vecnas victims, she is the only one that has a possibility to return as her body was revived. I just don’t get how others here are debating simple logic. Vecna consumes memories, skills/abilities and possibly essence of his victims so putting back Maxs fragments is not too much of a leap

  7. Alexander Dumas says:

    Brenner trying to carry 11 to safety and being unable and then her standing on her own two feet and taking a plane down both literally and metaphorically sent the message that she can fly on her own unlike what Brenner said. It’s even more poignant that she takes down something that can fly.

  8. skittle-chan says:

    This is the greatest series of all time, cant wait for season 5, but still sad about how Eddie died 🙁

  9. Jay Gray says:

    I think the other “sister” eleven met up with in the previous season that also has powers will probably come into play for this battle against Vecna. El is powerful but this is beyond JUST her at this point.

    • Ry.the.Stunner says:

      Really doubt it. Kali’s power is making people see things that aren’t there. I really doubt that would have much effect on Vecna. The spinoff they’re doing will probably be about her and her group, but I doubt she shows up again in the main series.

    • Omnizy says:

      especially since the earthquake probably reached the whole country in the news she will definitely know what’s going on and go to help eleven

    • Alex Holt says:

      I think the duffer brothers forgot about her. She was mainly a character introduced to develop elevens character alot more. A main way to show that she is not evil and wont kill unless she absolutely needs to also to get her character to sharpen her skills so that by season end she was able to close that gate as kali taught her what to focus on. They definitely have the potential to bring her back though. Maybe there some more kids that managed to escape who will help el as the threat is now more than el and a few kids from Hawkins can deal with

    • Isabella Guzman says:

      @Luludi though I would love this, I’m pretty sure the duffer brothers want the villian to win this time. This season was indeed carnage, so imagine season 5. They will lose. Maybe. Just a theory.

    • Joana Mercado says:

      @roxanne it wasn’t a loose end though, eleven learned how to control her powers with her. How do people miss that This is beyond me

  10. Signe Aarøe Jørgensen says:

    Noah Schnapp gets only a few scenes, and he’s still the stand-out for me. He’s such a talent. Can’t wait to see him do other projects.

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