“Superheroes need help” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 6 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

“Superheroes need help” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 6 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

The stars are out on this episode of The Shop. Grab a seat and join NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving, actor Idris Elba, actress Drew Barrymore, co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League Paul Rabil, marketing executive Paul Rivera, and entrepreneur Maverick Carter. Kyrie discusses growth on and off the court, Idris weighs in on the James Bond rumors, Drew gets vulnerable on self-forgiveness and healing, and Paul shares aspirations to change the narrative around lacrosse. Kick up your feet and remember: in the barbershop, you can’t lie.

UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is presented by Grey Goose.

In LeBron James’ words…”Everything happens in The Shop.” The Sports Emmy Award-winning series UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is back for Season 5! Join us each month for new episodes featuring the biggest names in the game for unfiltered talk about sports, music, and culture.

(0:00) – Intro
(0:17) – Drew on Accidentally Getting High at Work
(2:32) – Kyrie on Media
(4:40) – Paul on Starting Premier Lacrosse League
(6:58) – Drew on Being A Young Actress
(11:01) – Idris on Film Characters He Prefers
(12:36) – Kyrie on Being Ambidextrous
(14:34) – The Crew Discusses Losing
(20:34) – Idris on James Bond Conversations
(28:10) – Kyrie on the Power of Manifestation
(29:55) – Kyrie on Playing with LeBron and KD
(32:40) – Drew on Rock Bottom
(35:26) – Drew on Self Forgiveness and Healing

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39 Responses


    Comment below on who you want to see on a future episode of #TheShop 👀

  2. Tedla E. KHAN says:

    Thank you. This is a special episode. By far the most honest, vulnerable, enlightening, and inspirational conversation featured on The Shop. Would love to see the unfettered/uncut longform version of the episode.

  3. That Man Charlesbrunson82 says:

    This episode hits different, gives you a different approach about life and what your next steps will be. Shout out to everyone in the world take one day at a time and never settle..

  4. A O says:

    OMG is there a part two?! This was too short, such an enriching convo; most definitely rewatching. Thank-you UNINTERRUPTED.

  5. Armando Ucles says:

    This is what I love about Drew Barrymore. Not only is she a terrific actress that we have grown up with, but she’s a woman who can have a deep, genuine conversation with anybody and everybody. I love her talk show. It’s the only show that’s on TV that is positive.

  6. Honey says:

    I think this is my favourite episode. Drew Barrymore was everything here. So well spoken, insightful and vulnerable. I loved her moments with Idris too. I cried my eyes out at the end listening to her. She is such a beautiful human being.

  7. Gates101 says:

    For those asking why Lebron wasn’t there; it’s bc of you (us all). We’d be all distracted and not being able to grasp the real message of the show. Great job by the Uninterrupted team!!

  8. QDibie says:

    It sucks that LeBron wasn’t here at the same time as Kyrie, it would be nice just to see them talk casually about important topics and life experiences.

    • damien dolce says:

      then he would bite his tongue….duh

    • 1 Kool P says:

      @KINGSHOTTAH442 not doing season and doing interviews. There is a thin line they walk when around each other in those times. Did u see CJ McCollum when he was on 1st Take. Did u notice how carefully he worded his statements & answers. Some stuff they took him off the stage to talk about certain critical current topics. But it good ppl believe what you feel.

    • KINGSHOTTAH442 says:

      @1 Kool P wait so players can’t publicly interact at all??

    • Malcolm Maxey says:

      @1 Kool P it is true if so then something would’ve happened to Kyrie and KD they literally talked about playing together at the all star game

    • 1 Kool P says:

      @Malcolm Maxey not true but what ever you guys think

  9. The Atlantic Files says:

    This episode got real heavy! Nice to hear Kyrie talk on some things and Drew poured her heart out!

  10. Arthur jac says:

    Such an outstanding episode, Drews insightful expression of life and how she was able to overcome these barriers made this ep remarkable

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