SURPRISE GUEST Mia Makes Shrimp Scampi | Cooking With Bradley

SURPRISE GUEST Mia Makes Shrimp Scampi | Cooking With Bradley

WE HAVE A SURPRISE GUEST FOR YOU ALL!!! It was so fun surprising Eric with our first guest, and I can’t wait to see all of your reactions as well. Make sure you watch to the end, we have a fun throwback for you all as well.

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27 Responses

  1. F1stPerson26 says:

    Who else feels old just watching our childhood stars reunite? 🥺🥲

  2. Manja 171 says:

    The moment he realised who she was was so sweet

  3. Nama Saya Rahasia 🤗 says:

    I hope Bradley can invite Bridgit Mendler. I haven’t seen her in a while, i hope she can have the time to do some fun cooking in this show

  4. Boekster says:

    That’s an amazing surprise! Would love to see the rest of the cast have a full reunion!

  5. janellek21 says:

    You need to get Patricia Belcher (Mrs Dabney) on this show!

  6. Rose says:

    This was so sweet 🥰
    Eric didn’t really care about cooking in this episode 😂 He was too excited about having Mia on the show

  7. Melissa Komons says:

    Honestly want the whole Dunkin family in this. Bridget, Amy, Eric, Bradley, Mia, and Jason

  8. Tiara Roser says:

    Awe I cried when Mia came out and he realized who she was. “How can you look like that when you’re only four” ☹️💙💙💙 my childhood is becoming complete. Please do one with the main cast!!!

  9. molly! says:

    the fact that half the episodes have eric in them yet the series is called cooking with bradley feels mean lol 😂 you guys are so cute

  10. TheOutsider Jess says:

    I love seeing one of my favorite tv Dad reunite with his tv daughter

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